Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The seasons ... they are a changin'

In a few short days we have gone from what was probably the last beautiful day of fall to the chilly air and whipping winds of what feels like winter.

Wednesday Anna wanted me to try and take school pictures. It was beautiful out there! The trees were still full of leaves ... the skies were beautiful blue ... and the temp outside was a delight.
The last day of Summer.

Outside we went ... and got it done. What a miracle. School pictures done and it's only September. Major, and I mean major, accomplishment for me in the last couple of years! Senior pictures left to do for Brock ... soon!

Thursday the wind started to blow ... and I don't mean a little blowing ... I mean big time. That is normal winter activity around here. The horror of the wind. It didn't stop. Today, Tuesday, many people are still without power. Trees are still sitting on power lines. Crews working nonstop to clean up the mess. We only had small flickers of power issues and never lost ours. Amber called me Thursday and told me I had to go take a camera out to greet the moon. I love it when she does that! We really need to figure out a system for Northern Lights photography. A party phone line or something. A calls B and says "run" ... B calls C to pass the message ... that kind of thing. I'm much too old to stay up and wait for them anymore (not that I ever did)!

Was glad I ran out ....

sort of bummed that I took a quick nap first and light had faded a bit. Last year on the First Day of Autumn this mountain was covered with snow for the first time of the year.

On into a weekend that was chalk full.
Friday evening Home Services at our house. The wind hasn't stopped. It is horrific sounding. It can be still for a moment and then you hear the freight train coming from the north. It gets louder and louder ... and it's there. 78mph gusts of wind between Palmer and Wasilla on Friday night. I slept through it. Not much keeps this girl awake anymore. Bending trees and leaves being thrown to the next town. Only the most stubborn leaves are left on the trees. We only lost one tree. We were extremely fortunate.

Saturday I said "enough" to responsibility and just decided to have some fun. Material on the kitchen table ...  a book playing to keep my mind occupied ... and then hubby came home with chickens. Off to clean out the greenhouse temporarily. 4 chickens. Start praying for them. I certainly didn't do right by the last ones! Evening visiting to see the newest Hillukka family addition. What a blessing!

And then there was Sunday. Sitting on the porch in the morning and listening to that wierd sound of something hitting the roof. I thought I knew what it was. I just quite couldn't believe it. A look out the front door was proof enough. Snow was falling ... not much ... but snow it was. Then the clouds lifted on Sunday ... and I just had to run after church to a few favorite picture snapping spots real quick.

The change continues.
Leaves head off to start the journey into next spring.
Snow starts to fill the moutains that in the spring will feed the trees .. bringing back the lush of summer.

Sunlight is still with us.
The sun actually setting in the west where I always thought it did.
Soon ... it will be rising and setting in the south.

And on that note .... there are less than 3 months until Christmas!


mrs. skoog said...

what an ongoing adventure you have - living in alaska! it all looks so beautiful! give greetings from us to your family.
love and Gods peace,
the skoogs

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post Anita! You got some gorgeous pictures of the last week, I just had to comment :) Alisa