Monday, September 20, 2010

We are so blessed.

Last week there were several days when I went into work that our world was just so stunning. I finally gave in and brought the camera along one morning. Lazy ribbons of fog hanging suspended just above the ground ... 

with the towering beauty of mountains as a backdrop.

At times (I'm sure most of has have done this) I've wondered which of my senses would be the most difficult to lose. These moments make you so much appreciate the sense of sight ... with a health dose of appreciation for Canon as well. :)

It was another busy weekend. Wonderful busy. Left work a few hours early on Friday and came home to muck out my car. I moved Blayde out of it ... and myself in. Feels so good!! Then on to things inside the house ... and umpteen steps up and down the stairs to the laundry room. Which, by the way, was caught up for the moment. (The moment is now gone ... but it was here!) A run to pick up girls from HAPs. Jari was off to the airport to pick up visitors. There are so many people who, in this life, dream of coming to visit Alaska .. and so many who never seen the fulfillment of that dream. It was Aarno's dream to come fishing ... and fishing he has come ...

along with Olli who is here to take him fishing. Jari and Fred took them up to Hatchers on Saturday ....

where the skies were beautiful!

They ran to Anchorage to pick up a motorhome (could fit an entire tribe in there!) and then back here for some grilled salmon and halibut. We attempted grilled. Murphy showed up again and the grill quit working while the fish was on it. Argh. Fish finally got done ... we ate .. and then headed over to a going away party for the Dorans. We are certainly going to miss them here. We wish them a safe trip to Spokanne. While sad they are leaving, we understand the joy of reaching goals and dreams. How can we not?

I spent the day running here and there ... and will share a 5 minute stop with you in the next few days.

Sunday the guys headed to Willow as Denali was visible in all it's glory ... then a stop to visit at Ross & Denise's ... while I was home preparing a Sunday School lesson and getting dinner in the oven. It's been a while since I made pasti. It was worth staying home for. Services in the evening and then over to Richard & Carol's for the guys to have sauna. Then the travelers were off to Seward for a Monday morning fishing charter.

Over the weekend (and maybe even this morning) I've come to several conclusions. I'm ever so grateful to my parents who taught me the Finnish language. It has been a rich weekend ... made so much better by my understanding of the language. I wish it was better ... which brings me to the bright idea of the morning. Tia is doing school at home this year. I'm going to order Rosetta Stone software for her. She is going to learn some Finn ... and will love it!

Meanwhile in the world around us ... the sun is casting shadows ...

spiders have spent the summer spinning anywhere they can ....

my flowers are starting to hint that fall is here ...

the world is changing from green to browns. Leaves fall from the trees with the gentlest of breezes making me pause to wonder if it is raining sometimes. Just watching them fall can be mesmerizing.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you appreciate learning the Finnish language. Wish we would have taught it to all the children. Charlie especially can
really roll his r's! But doesn't
know the language. That would have
been one thing we could have passed
on to our children. Haven't got much else to pass down!!