Sunday, September 12, 2010

Friday evening

after a long week of work. Why does a week seem longer when it's only a four day week? Because the weekend was so much fun and you really don't want it to stop? Friday evening is not a time I wish to be slaving in the kitchen. So this past Friday it was a dinner of Salmon Fajitas ... or whatever you want to call it.

Olive oil sprayed on the griddle ... and tortillas warmed.

I open up a can of salmon and add tartar sauce. (Super duper special thanks to Alisa for this delicious idea.) We much prefer to do these with halibut. We've even grilled halibut ... just to make the fajita ... they're that tasty. Friday nite we're relying on canned salmon instead.
Jenny: I'm adding a homemade tartar sauce recipe for you at the end. :)

Cheese on the tortilla shell ... add salmon mixture ... warm.

Mmmm. Some grilled onions and peppers.

Run to the greenhouse and grab a tomato. Pinch me! No. Don't. I did get the tomato from the green house ... the lettuce had to come from the grocer.

Fill that shell with whatever moves you. I'm not a fan of anything remotely southwest in taste. Seriously. I will eat some things. Like cheese crisp. Not much more. I have found that I really like guacamole, but no salsa for me. Eat this concoction over a plate ... you're likely to need a napkin as well.
My apologies. I can't ship you halibut. Maybe I could if I had gone fishing for some. Best not counting on me even then. I really did only catch one salmon this summer. I ate that a loooong time ago.

After you've digested this delicacy ... you grab your sauna bag.
Yes. I said sauna.
Let me tell you something about the sauna.
Jari, quite obviously, grew up with sauna being a big part of his life. As for me, I still remember going to the community sauna in Virginia. I remember countless visits to Audrey & Harry's sauna. (I can still envision that home of yours.) We really didn't have a sauna (other than Grandma's old one) at my childhood home ... until I no longer lived there. So there you go. It is not something that is woven into every fiber of my being.

Then there is the other small detail. We sort of lived in a sauna for quite a while. Jari worked on the roof for a long time ... in Phoenix ... in the summertime. Sauna every day ... for hours on end. I seriously think he has a flashback as soon as I throw the first bit of steam. Can't blame him either.
However, all that aside, we did go to Richard & Carol's for sauna Saturday evening. They have a very lovely sauna. It was a very hot sauna. Shook my head stuff right loose ... I'm now sniffling.

This memory of mine is seriously declining. I was driving along the road with you ... and I already forgot.
We grabbed our sauna bags and headed for the truck.
The truck, by the way, still had a rather long barrel sitting there still pointing out the windshield. Could have been worse. Could have been pointing in. So we went lookin' for a moose on our way to sauna. This street looked a wee bit too busy for moose traffic.

Didn't seen anything here either. We were almost singing to them.

Not a moose ... or a car for that matter .. to be seen anywhere.

And with the beautiful sun setting ... we couldn't have seen one if we'd tried.

We did have a very enjoyable sauna ... enjoyable visiting ... and then on homeward to get ready for Saturday ... with no moose processing. Maybe next week!


Tartar Sauce  (I use this for everything .. including a tuna sandwich.)

1 cup mayonnaise
1 Tbsp pickle relish
1 Tbsp minced onion
2 Tbsp lemon juice


Joyce said...

Yummmy! I can still taste those salmon fajitas/tacos. They sure are GOOD!!!!

jenny said...

oh yum, I can't wait to make it!! thanks for the recipe :) Beautiful pictures!