Monday, February 1, 2010

Tonite I am thankful

for several things.

1) We have drivers licenses in this house. We have eyes to see the road. We have legs and feet that can operate both the gas pedal and the brake. We have arms that can turn the steering wheel ... even out of a spin if need be. We have our hearing (even if one of us here is half deaf) to hear oncoming sirens should they be needing us to clear the road. We have car insurance that takes care of our mishaps quite nicely because we have a most wonderful insurance agent.

2) Clothes. Lots of clothes. Too many clothes. Enough clothes that the laundry pile never seems to end. Clothes (except for one person's jeans at the moment) that are nice enough to be worn to church. Clothes that can be worn to a wedding. Clothes that can be worn out fishing and camping. Clothes that keep us warm. Clothes that keep us dry. We are fortunate that we've been blessed with the over abundance of laundry problem.

You see ... the car that was suppose to cost under $500 to fix is going to cost $1500 and, rather than fixing, will come back home and park in the yard. That way we won't have the chance of a mishap and will miss the chance to chat with the lovely insurance lady.

The dryer decided that it will continue to spin ... but won't give out any heat. We hung clothes lines in the laundry room (Thankful for the nice big laundry room at the moment .. and always.) and made it a kuivaus huone (drying room) for the time being. Just think how fortunate we are. I just bought a new box of fabric softener yesterday ... at least I can spin them in cold fluff before I hang them ... we shouldn't be too wrinkled. :)


Anonymous said...

Yes, life is all a matter of perspective, isn't it? If only we could sync that knowledge with the acceptance of it.

Anonymous said...

Isa asked if I was going to comment
on anything and if so to tell you
that he looked at Very