Sunday, February 14, 2010

I have the sniffles

I feel like my head is stuffed with batting and ready to fall off my shoulders. Advil is in. Throat lozenge down. Now for the coffee to kick in. Then .... I'm going to take the advise of something I picked up yesterday.

Alyx and I got up halfway bright & early and went to the Women's Healthfair at the hospital. They had complimentary blood draw and labs, with food and coffee afterwards. Have a cup of tea coffee. The labs probably won't be the one I want ... but we'll see! (If I have to lay off the butter I'm going to have some issues.) At one booth I picked up this little number.

It sort of gave me license to spend the day the way I did. Just so you know, the house did get a bit of a cleaning on Friday before I came home from work .. it is not completely neglected. Just that the corners are crying for attention. If they howl a little louder, I'll hear them eventually.

Walk, Say Thank You, Smile    4 kids and I headed to Anchorage on a shopping mission. My goal was at least 2 more stores than I hit, but we were all pleased with our findings. I would dearly love to find a pair of Dansko clogs in a thrift store. Maybe I need to spend an entire day down there looking for a pair. I'm off track again. Plato's Closet yielded wonderful things. Brock no longer needs to have a breeze going on when he's outside. :) A stop at REI where I could have spent an entire month's pay ... and didn't buy one thing. Not one. I'm itching to go back but won't. JC Penney was having awesome deals as well. I probably didn't need another long sleeve brown shirt, but for 0.97 figured I might as well. Haven't had chinese food in forever so (even if it isn't the favorite by any stretch of the imagination) we idulged at the Food Court. Then home to get Alyx to work for 3pm. Didn't have time to get to Kohl's clearance racks. I really don't think we need another thing at the moment.

Dropped the kids off at home and headed over to JoAnns to pick up some batting and thread. Have to just love coupons and sales. Less than $20 and I had batting, threads and even a new pair of scissors!! (If my cherubs take them ... there will be no Hug, Smile, or Say Thank You going on.) Home to take a Nap and Cuddle with my pillow. Does that count? Was not feeling very good and can see what's coming around the corner ... major whopping cold.

Got up and did some laundry ... those new jeans are all hanging so we have some crisp and clean ones to wear! :) Then for the Sewing machine. I solicited an expert opinion from Brock ... and called one quilt done several hours later. It needs the final touch and we'll see what it looks like. Then I'll share.  My plan was not to "finish" nearly two in one evening, but I love to read (via audiobook) while I quilt and I had another one ready to plop in the cd player. So I didn't go to bed early. I stayed up and finished another one at midnight.

It is a sad state of affairs when you need cheater reading glasses for nearly anything you do in this life. Need some buttons on this one ... and it will be done.

This one is a little more help than any one person needs. She tried to eat my safety pins. She pounced at the thread line as I sewed by hand. Loved to play with the excess batting. Kind of like having little people around again.

Once again it is Sunday with the duties that Sunday entails. Maybe I should feed this family today? I am going to take another nap ... maybe call a friend.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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