Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Done. Done. Done.

I. Am.

If I don't see the inside of a Target, Fred Meyer, Sears, etc for quite a while ... I'll be thrilled. Not that bad, but I shop because I need to ... not because it is anything pleasurable for me. To find it on a clearance rack is certainly the aim and goal of the expedition. To need to find it is the frustrating part.

I don't think I've purchased a new pair of shoes in the last 2 years. My arches have gone south ... like so many other things seem to be doing. This getting older thing just sort of stinks in some departments. I love my Danskos and was almost willing to put them on my feet tonite to hit the airport ... but they've been around awhile ... and they look like it ... and they should just stay in the surgery department. I got a pair of slip on things last night. Now we'll see if they are worth or not. I expect a lot of those things .. and many years of use.

We do have a date with one of these this evening.

Tell me what they get out of charging for luggage. 5 of us are flying. 5 of us need stuff. 5 of us are carrying bags ... and I think we're going to manage to only check on one bag. We are learning something: 1) pack what you need, 2) pack it well, 3) pack anything not carryable into the one bag that is being checked. Let's see how this all works out. There are a few girls around here than can tell you what they think. Probably better that they don't! I, for one, am not interested in checking luggage so that I can pay for first class service ... especially when I'm not sitting in it.

The Juneau Jar went to the grocery store last night. (So maybe this isn't the REAL jar ... the real one was full of change ... not coffee.)

Second gripe. What is the purpose of a bank? Are they not suppose to take your change, shove it in their little change machine and give you money? I would think so. I have never had the pleasure of banking in a place that does that. Off to the grocery store and the Coinstar machine we went. They charge you 9.8 cents on the dollar ... but save you a hundred hours of rolling coins. Have snack money. Will travel.

I'm out of here. The dryer has finished spinning my clothes that need to be hung. Two girls about to catch the bus here in 2 minutes. Another one needs my car today. Another one is not going to his school ... he's going to be the practice patient for shaving at the Tech School.  OH MY! Tia just walked in dressed for school. In a DRESS. My tomboy girl is going to school in a DRESS! The school nurse is going to be busy today doctoring heart attacks. Serious heart attacks. What on earth happened to my baby?!


Joni said...

WHERE are you going? Winter Services? Lucky-duckies!!! :-)

Anita said...

A trip to Winter Services has been our dream since moving here. Hard not to be there after so many years of it being a part of our lives.

We've also been trying to see the state ... a bit at a time. We've had our Juneau Jar collecting coinage for a trip to Juneau for quite a while. So, we're finally getting away for a bit of an explore.

I'll share along the way if I can!