Thursday, February 18, 2010

This week ....

I've been suffering with a cold since Sunday. I haven't stopped working ... wonder how many others I've passed this on to? It's getting better ... slowly. I don't often have respiratory illnesses and don't really want to start now. Am getting plenty of sleep in the form of a nap after dinner. Two hours at a stretch seems to be about par the last several days.

Monday we went to Tia's concert. No camera along ... just enjoyed the music. I love a band instructor who expects much out of his students. It shows in the sound that entertains us. He is certainly a fan of the classical pieces. The last piece of the evening was The Entertainer ... played by the band alone ... while the instructor/conductor sat and watched. He called it a tremendous act of faith. They made him proud!

Tuesday was a big hair day for Anna ... to top off her Mardi Gras day at school. French class = Mardi Gras celebrations. We have become incredibly spoiled with the people who cut our hair. Problem is that they are very pricey according to MY price range. We go there as a major treat ... and a treat it was!

The rest of the time it has been a bit of vit c, echinacea, humidifer, vicks on my feet, tylenol cold meds, ibuprofen ... and lots of water and sleep. Altho' on Monday I came home early due to overstaffing issues. After finishing the throw I showed you in the last post, I finished this one as well.

It is a break away from my usual denim quilts ... of which I've made many. This one has no pockets and is a bit smaller. Was fun nonethless. It has been sitting here waiting to be finished for a while now. Promised gifts. This one can now come off the "need to get it done and in the mail list".

Next on the list is spending some time pitching things in this house. Maybe the reason I'm not feeling so good is that I decided to start pitching 10 things a day through the end of the month. Perhaps that is what sent my body into a tailspin. :) Once I'm feeling up to it ... shelves need to go up in several places and organization of some sort is going to happen ... at least a small space of life will get done.


Anonymous said...

I love the new quilts! one of these days I will get a sewing machine and learn how to sew! Hopefully you start feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Did you remember to cut up an onion by your bedside? ;-)
Hope you start feeling better soon! It's not fun to be sick.
~ Joyce