Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A few of my favorites from Sunday

We took a drive up to Hatchers on Sunday. Brock wanted to hit the "hill" with the snowboard and no one else was joining us ... so Jari and I went. I just love it up there. So does he.

It kind of amazes me how much time we spent up there the first winter. We were there often .. at least it seemed like it to me. Last winter it was too stinkin' cold most of the time, and this winter ... snow has been in short supply. It is still a marvel to see and enjoy.

Then on homeward ...

to play some more ...

I worked on a Sunday School lesson and then had to meander around outside for a bit. The air was wonderful! Could have spent all day out there were not other duties calling ... pasti for dinner included. (Have to feed them something once in a while.)

How is it that a dog just cannot walk a straight line? There really was nothing between him and his ultimate goal that would have caused him to take such a winding route.

except for maybe myself. I was out there blazing new trails through fresh snow ...

and he was coming out to meet me. What a good boy he is. Maybe I should get him and myself a pair of snow shoes! Might make the treks a bit easier on both of us sometimes!

So here I sit for a few minutes before I head off to work. Instead of blogging, I should really be entering the last few pieces of information into the tax return and hitting the "send" button. That was the goal last night. And I got distracted. REALLY distracted. Give me a sewing machine, an audio book and then a table of people and a game ... and I develop some serious ADD issues. I'll share a sneak peak with you and hope to have the rest of it done in the next few days!

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Joni said...

The quilting project looks really fun - wonder when I'll start getting into that? Our baby will be 3 this spring (wah!) so maybe I can start learning some fun things like sewing!