Thursday, February 4, 2010

I could try and be noble

and tell you that I'm on a mission to get these completed. But I've just been in the mood. The computer is acting goofy again, so I get a bit frantic and start scrapping photos so I can move them off the computer. Can't do B until A is done .. one of those kinds of people am I.  (Click on the photo to see it larger. I tried to make it xlarge on this blog, but it cuts off halfway across the page.)

It's a week of hanging laundry to dry in the basement, fundraiser meetings, call time at work, more call time at work ... and a goal to find the workout video in the basement somewhere. Find that ... and then I can add another goal to the list!

Did the preliminary taxes and had moments of "aaaahhhh" instead of "aarrgh". It was good. Got the PFD applications done online. More importantly, I got the user names and passwords written down where I can find them next year!

Have been listening to Anne Perry's Shoulder the Sky on i-pod while cutting something like 150 pieces of denim for another quilt. Now to cut another 150 pieces of denim for backing and 150 of batting for lining. :) Using up material ... and enjoying it! Using up denim is a little less painful than cleaning out closets for donation somewhere. That stuff just goes away and is never seen again. The quilts we can treasure and use for years. Many years if you're me. I don't like to get rid of anything!

In the middle of the things that keep life hopping ... we're sitting down for games of Monopoly Deal. You really need to try that game. It will be the first thing packed in luggage for any little weekend family getaway.

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Anonymous said...

I'll have to put Monlopoly deal on the list of things to buy!
The scrap page is Tia! I am doing this workout video called 'the 30 day shred' by Jillian Michaels, and let me tell you, it is a workout! I did it yesterday and today, and I am so sore that it hurts to walk around, or to sit down to do anything! But no pain no gain right??! You should try it, but maybe start it on a Friday so you don't have to work the next day!