Saturday, February 20, 2010

The peace and quiet of an early Saturday morning

It has been a miserable week of not feeling well. Amazingly enough, my laundry is caught up. Not done, but caught up. Was about to swtich loads while this picture file was uploading and found that the washing machine hadn't managed to spin the water out. Hmph. I emptied out half the soaked towels and came up here for a few minutes to let the machine do its thing. (fingers are crossed .. it just doesn't like heavy loads)
Being as I was doing the happy jig (direct deposit from the IRS is a beautiful thing) when I went to work yesterday morning and feeling like someone had beat me up when I finally got home ... we took everyone who was at home (Blayde missed out) and went to the Noisy Goose to eat. I could actually taste the halibut. Getting there ... getting there!! I couldn't nearly stand up by the time I headed for bed. I did fill the vaporizer with water again. The onion isn't peeled ... just needs a new one by my bed.
The job list on the computer room door is 2 pages long. Typewritten. The font is only 14, it does have some spaces as things are sort of organized by room ... and there is a mom section. Although I'd dearly love to give up paying bills ... the kids might do the shopping part of the list before the bill paying part which might prove to be quite disastrous. Everyone is sleeping. The house is quiet. Must go see if the washer did any good. Then off to start the list. I'd listen to some soothing music along the way to make the cleaning less painful, but there is this audio book that keeps calling my name. It has been silent all week. The call hasn't been ... the book has. :)

By the way, it was 47 degrees outdoors when I went to bed last night. This morning it is at 35, but our world is melting. Running water kind of melting. Ice fields left behind kind of melting. Camera needs to go outdoors today ... that kind of melting.

Have a great Saturday!

9:48 pm
Whew! Not everything is done, but enough that I feel good about it.

  • "game room" is cleaned
  • basement is cleaned
  • mud room is organized and cleaned 
  • windows are washed
  • kitchen curtains are changed
  • showers are scrubbed
  • bathrooms cleaned
  • 2 trips to Target made
  • new thrift store discovered and browsed
  • trip to urgent care for some antibiotics for a sinus infection (fingers are crossed that it works ... I was gone about 65 minutes in which I went to the urgent care, was seen by the doctor, picked up my prescription at Target and filled the gas tank on my way home. Good thing. I forgot my book at home.)
  • truck is put back together (jari sliced open his thumb trying to fix the u-joint in the truck yesterday and is nursing a mighty sore thumb)
  • no pictures taken
  • computer room is so clean even I would eat in here!
  • spent time on the phone with friends today :)
  • actually cooked dinner tonite!
Now ... off to clean up dinner after being gone this evening ... and then on to the rest of the list.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Could you send some of your energy this way? I sure could use some more!
~ Joyce

Anita said...

It may not be my energy I'm sending that way. I had 2 incredibly helpful and motivated kids on Saturday. They hustled for me like never before! It was wonderful. I should show you a picture of the reality of my kitchen this morning ... but it is beyond embarrassing. Let's suffice it to say that I can't find one, not one, clean coffee cup.