Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Is it Wednesday evening already?

The quilt is still in the same spot it was the other night. Hmph. No progress in that area. Maybe Saturday I'll have time for that one.

I concentrated really hard last night. I stayed focused. I got super motivated. And I filed the taxes. Done. Done. Done. Sorry to the accountant who I really appreciate. It's just that
and I had an ongoing date. I hope they saved me enough money. I'm happy with the results. For the moment anyway. I'll be displeased as soon as the refund is spent. I know me.

In other around the house family things. The dryer is fixed. Did I tell you that? I'm still hanging clothes downstairs and loving the crisp feel of them. Tia calls her jeans "scratchy", but if I'm doing the laundry ... they're going to continue being scratchy. At least I'm not drying underwear and socks on the line. THAT drives me nuts.

The car lot is still the car lot.
We seem to be just accumulating these nonrunning things. It is teaching us patience ... or something. There must be a reason our luck is running on a full tank in the life of wheels. Someday I'll know what it is!

The wind has been blowing, taking the snow off the trees along with it. The beautiful white trees didn't last for very long. The thermometer reads 33F outdoors ... so the brown of snowplows and melting snow is becoming the scene again. The sun. Oh. My. Gosh. The sun is heavenly. It has warmth to it now. The world is still light at 6pm ... and soon it'll be light nearly around the clock. I know we have a ways to go 'til spring, but last year we were building this in April.

Now, I could almost start itching to plant a few things. Quilts first. Then planting.
Oh ... then there's this stuff waiting for us as well. There will be no fishing this year until the woodshed is full. (It's nearly empty now.)

Good thing we have a ways to go. We still want to enjoy a bit more of this.

before we start a summer of this!

although, to be perfectly honest, I'm already mapping routes for the summer!

By the way, I know why we don't spend nearly as much time at Hatchers anymore. I have drivers who can navigate my car ... to the hockey rink. They spend a lot of time skating ... in fact, they just left again!

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