Monday, February 8, 2010

Part of a weekend in snippets

The weekend started with an evening out on Friday. The kids went to HAPs while Jari and I went to Ross & Denise's for coffee and some of this.
If you haven't tried the game yet ... you really need to. If you haven't visited with Ross & Denise ... you really should do that as well. So many sweet little munchkin hugs in that house. :)

Saturday I was On Call all day. One of those days.  I didn't get called in once, but being as I'm liable to leave at a moment's notice ... it's shower in the morning. No jammies 'til noon ... as wonderful as that sounds. It was whipping blowing snow when I went to bed and the wind was still at it when I got up.

Yes! A clean blanket of snow covers our world. I was getting a wee bit weary of the dirty snow look. Not anymore ... it is gorgeous! Jari left to go out snow machining for the day and I hit the kitchen. Amish Friendship Bread into the oven. That stuff is absolutely delicious. Doesn't matter that I ran out of cinnamon .. it's still delish! Then a trip to Palmer sometime before noon. The usual stops of bank, post office and library. Okay, the library may not be a "usual" stop, but I finished the Anne Perry book and needed another one. The driving conditions were a bit snowy out there.

Would you please tell me something. What on earth is wrong with this picture? Are income taxes that foremost on everyone's mind right now that you would stand out there on the sidewalk pitching your business? Apparently so.

Home again, home again, slippety slide. No ditches. Just snow, snow, snow! Blayde and Brock were going over to Russell's for an afternoon of games.

First to sweep the snow off the car. We do love our brooms around here. Everything from floors to cars to stairs ... they certainly do the trick.

Then came the problem of the driveway. Fred had already plowed and the snow just kept falling. The lovely Subaru (that just keeps on going with some TLC) has the baldest tires a car has ever seen. The 4-wheel drive doesn't work. Thank goodness it is a light little thing.

It took about half an hour of up and down the driveway, shoveling and finally being pulled with the 4-wheeler to get it out onto the road. But to game day they made it! I don't know how to load books onto i-pod. (I don't think I need to learn that right now.) The stereo in the living room quit working so I went a hunting. Found a boom box in a kids' room, loaded in a book, ignored the state of the house, ignored the dishes ... and started sewing.

I think I finally stopped sewing at about 11pm. It was wonderful. I did manage to slip some skiis on and track through our fresh blanet of snow at one point. Even dared go up the road a piece. (That's a big one for me!)

That's it for now. I'm driving to work today ... the car is buried in snow ... the roads are likely a mess ... and I need a shower.


Anonymous said...

We have a person dressed in same type of clothing at the corner of
6th and Washington. Tempted to have them do taxes but don't want
to pay their price. Now, if the
Carnegie Pension Fund would return
my call. Better get off internet
so they can get through with their
call! Mom

Anonymous said...

Can't count the number of Monopoly Deal games we have played, all enjoy the game! We have also been getting a new fresh coat of snow to cover up the dirty melting heaps. Juha is doing the back and forth thing to AZ, makes me tired just thinking about it. Got our income tax stuff together this weekend for him to do the appt. this week. Having a shower for Kate this week hopefully she doesn't pull a Sarah (go in 2 days before the shower). All for now, gotta make sure Lit is getting accomplished upstairs! Hi to all.

Joni said...

Do you by chance have a recipe to make the start for Amish friendship bread? And then the recipe, as well? Oh, I guess I can probably google it and find it in a second. That does sound good! Enjoy the fresh snow. We went skiing with the kids Saturday - the smallest hill is free and you can also sled there, so the younger ones and I were on the sledding end of it. So fun to see how quickly kids catch on to skiing. Now they're begging to go again, and soon!

Have a great week!

Anita said...

Mom: did the Carnegie Pension Fund finally call? Shucks ... I really wish it was me that was the Fund.

Annette: We'll have to get the game on the table next time we get together! Love the new snow. Just revilatizes a person. Wishing we could be at the shower with you all.

Joni: I don't have the recipe for the starter. My understanding is that you can't make the starter, rather have to get it from someone. Check online tho' and let me know. I do have the recipe and have doctored a few things so I can make several batches at one time and only end up with one bag of leftover starter. Delicious stuff! We were watching a little one put on a snowboard on Sunday and it just amazes me every time. I'm such a klutz and chicken ... and they just go for it!

Joni said...

Google is amazing! :-)

Back to skiing - our boys are 'all boy'. Niclas (remember him as a little boy?) has always been very active, daring, good balance ... on the 'bunny hill' there was one side with about 6 bumps as it went down - within a couple hours he was turning backwards on the second 'bump' and skiing backwards the rest of the way down. Derek is 6 and he was very shaky the first time down - was very soon trying to get as much air time on each 'bump' as he went down. Travis is between their ages, and he was also just loving it. I'm like you - chicken ... or let's say cautious! It was soooo fun to see three of our boys having the time of their lives skiing together for the first time!