Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saturday project.

I think I've got it.
Don't make a plan. Just wing it.
If you're in the mood to do something .. go for it.
This has been on my list for a while and we got it done yesterday!
I was trying to get Tia to go on a photo shooting jaunt with me,
but she wasn't buying the idea. Hmph!
Will try the sales pitch again today and see what happens.
So, off to other things.
I'm cheap. I love to reuse things and remake things. Sometimes out of necessity,
and other times because it is just so much fun. Repurposing has forever been my life ..
long before it was anything trendy or fashionable.

Last Mother's Day the kids made me flower pots that were chalkboard painted.
When Blayde bought the paint, he really bought paint.
The extra has been sitting in the closet downstairs, just waiting to be put to use.

First I took a chalkboard off the wall. It was rather difficult to write on. I had picked it up at a yard sale a long time ago and repainted the frame from a nasty orange to an antiqued red. Yesterday I took some sanding blocks to it and smoothed out the chalkboard finish. Then I started painting. Three coats of chalkboard paint on it .... 

as well as Tia's closet doors. (Hubby is probably going to have a comment at this point!) Her closet has a total of four doors in 2 sections separated by a space of wall for an outlet. They aren't anything small, but they were nice and smooth.
If you're going to try this, I highly recommend spending the money on the brand of paint that I used. Rolls on nicely and dries incredibly fast.

After everything was dry ... up they went.
Will see what happens when we clean these up.
I have no clue if they'll be just as brilliant looking the next chalking session.

The rails on these doors are a bit tweaked. Tweens, teens, frustration, impatience and closet doors don't all work together very well sometimes. They're on tho' ... with a little help from Fred. And let me tell you something. My youngest daughter has screw drivers that live in her room. Just for days like this when something needs a little tweaking. She wields them with quite a hand. I'm impressed. 

I hope I don't live to regret this.
Next we need to get some paint for the walls ... pink.
This way she gets her touch of black and I flat refuse to paint a wall black.
Out of the question. Not going to happen.

Then we get to be creative in the bedding department.
Cheap. Good quality. Probably sewn because I'm not buying comforters.
Pink and black polka dots? Pink and black stripes?
Gonna be fun!


Keilah said...

Sounds fun! Natasha wanted her room pink and black too. Thank goodness we talked her out of painting the walls black, I agree with you there, and they are now pink. She got creative and took multiple different large fabric squares (black with dots, black with spots, black with dragonflys) and stapled them to her ceiling! It is way cool!!

Jaimie (Niska) said...

NOTHING beats a homemade quilt! Good luck on your re-decorating project!