Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm excited!!

Looking forward to a fun weekend. Actually it has already started. :)

My mom and my sister, Becky, flew into Alaska last evening. Knew that Mom was coming and kind of wondered if Becky was. Sure enough! Becky hasn't been here before so super fun to have both of them here! They'll be off and running with Jari this morning to do a bit of sight seeing as I'm working today. Then .... time is ours for the next few days!


Keilah said...

Enjoy your time with them!

jessica said...

I'm contemplating a trip up there tis spring to visit Denise and to see our Godchild, Bennett! I think Gary has some air miles to use so... I hope it works out! would be fun to see you, as well! :)

Jenny said...

ok, I know you're busy, and you have company, and yada yada....but I want to see party pics! :)