Saturday, January 22, 2011

At 6:29 a.m. on a Saturday morning ....

snow is falling ... lot's of it!
The kind that made a fallen tree continue it's final descent to the ground.
I really had a nightmare last night that it was raining.
When my eyes popped open this morning I had to run and check.
Thankfully, my subconscious had confused the forms of matter.

Today I'm off to a Skills Lab (I really don't remember what it is called.) at work for about 4 hours. This is my mantra. "We are so fortunate to have this opportunity to increase our learning and skills ... especially on a Saturday morning." I missed it last year. I happened to be enjoying a bridal breakfast in Minnesota that same morning with some very special people. Today, I'm going to don the Smurf blues and be thankful.

My bills are paid.  (Refer to above "thankful".)  I haven't sorted the last week's mail yet, but we'll just pretend it doesn't exist. Delusion, denial and delirium are working very well for me at the moment. And to be perfectly honest, my little cheatbook of online bill paying serves me very well. It makes life so much simpler .. as long as you don't happen to forget things like the internet bill. Then it might get a wee bit challenging.

Enjoy your Saturday! The boots and the broom are calling my name.

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