Friday, January 21, 2011

I wish I was a journaling kind of person

I have often tried, and just as many times I have failed, to start the journal. Record what it is that I am going through in my life so someday later I can look back at it. Perhaps to learn from it. Perhaps to celebrate that it no longer exists. Perhaps to be thankful that I survived it.

Yesterday I was cleaning paper in a different corner of my world and came across something that was written in late July of 2008.

I love reading Real Simple magazine. Maybe I enjoy it so much because the simple life is what I crave. The article in front of me is: What are the top three things on your lifelong to-do list? What would I put on my list today? After reading other folks' lists, I had to sit and ponder a bit. Then I had to look back at where I've been and where I am today. When I go home in the next several days, I'll be able to sit on my porch, look at the green, breathe the cool clean air, enjoy the quiet and be thankful. So much of life is about dreams and hopes. Dreams of "someday" and of "other places". Some days carry us through very stressful times of life. Hope for our children. Hope that what we have taught them will remain with them. Hope that God will remain the center of their being. Hope that they remain humble. Hope that after the children are grown and gone, there will be a quiet time to sit side by side with the love of my life. We can putter at our own hobbies. At peace with each other and ourselves. So, what would I put on my list? What would I want to do? Someday I want to walk the moors of Ireland with my husband. I want to watch the fog swirl and feel the moss on my feet. I want to finish my children's Christmas stockings. Someday when I'm no longer here, I hope they can feel the love in every stitch. Lastly, I want quiet moments. Quiet moments are the life blood of my soul. They settle, calm, rejuvenate. They make me whole so I can love, teach and enjoy all the beautiful people in my life.

We have beautiful freshly fallen snow today. The world yesterday was that flat light sort of day where you really can't tell if the small road in front of you is plowed or not. I took the camera and had few moments of quiet rejuvenation while marveling at the beauty of it all.

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Keilah said...

Beautiful Anita! And your blog IS your journal. I saw a cool idea, an ad to make your blog into a book! Can you imagine?