Thursday, January 6, 2011

I miss the snow.

I'm whining.
Just. A. Little. Bit.
Our world has looked like this for weeks.
45 degree temps have melted nearly everything ...
and everything left behind has been made into fields of ice.

There are ice grippers for the boots ... and ice grippers for the truck.
When left in an ungripped state, it sometimes has the tendency to slide across the yard.

Can you see why I've had this spring fever going on?
Doesn't it look like it?
Except this morning the temp is hovering at 22 with not a snowflake in sight.

Only windblown, silt covered yuck.

The ice candles are gone. I did get to burn them one evening this year!
Now we have glass votive cups sitting out on the porch ...

I have me a feeling.
I'll explain later, but am guessing that next Wednesday we'll get just dumped on.
More than my broom can handle.

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