Wednesday, January 12, 2011

If you don't drink coffee ....

you might just want to start.
'Cuz you're in for a long one here.

I did promise to be back here on Wednesday. It is now evening and I had plans on attending Bible Class tonite. However, the wind is about to blow my house over and I really don't care to even hear it ... let alone walk in it right now. So I'm home instead.

This dear gal here brushing her teeth with her feet would happen to be my sister Becky.
She and Mom and came for the past weekend to help us celebrate our anniverary.
This is what happens when you start those conversations that just move from one thing to the next. Somehow ... and I really have no idea how ... we ended up on the subject of a person I saw at the airport in Seattle. Or was it Portland. I can't even remember. Anway, when I mentioned he had no arms or legs ... people knew of him.
Google promptly led us to his Attitude is Altitude website and then we were on to others as well. Becky shared her agility with us. Oh heavens! Go on and check the site out sometime. Share his You Tube videos with your children. It is most motivating. I haven't screwed up the gumption to give it a try quite yet. Not You Tube. The tooth brush thing.

While I worked on Friday, Jari took them to Hatcher Pass, to the Noisy Goose for lunch, the Tsunami Warning Center for a tour ... and visited. We had Landa's over Friday evening to visit which was super fun. Someday it looks as though there may be a connection between those two families .. a mighty close one at that. :)

Saturday morning we had coffee at Ryan & Ambers, saw Denali, had lunch at the Cadillac Cafe and then more coffee at Ross & Denise's. Yes. We can certainly put away the coffee. I think the above photo ended up being a Saturday evening entertainment after watching Becky's wonderful presentation of she and Wayne's recent trip to Ecuador. I think I might someday like to do that myself. Not yet. The beach first.

Sunday we were totally eclipsed by visitors, laughing, singing and eating. In this photo here, we were getting ready to watch a dvd presentation put together by Frans, Jenny and family. Complete with priceless singing. Thank you guys so much. I wish I had gotten a picture of my round window up near the ceiling. What a hoot. Covered with a striped towel. Marvelous time with marvelous people.

Then on to the rest of the week. Monday evening worthless and good for nothing. This aging thing sort of stinks. Too much in too many days and then good for downright nothing. Jari had brought the gals down to the airport, leaving at 3:15 a.m. They both made it home safe and sound ... as did he.

Last night I took Jari to the airport for a late flight. Flying south out of Anchorage also seems to involve a middle of the night ride. He was probably a tad exhausted today. A flight delayed to begin with and then delayed again in his connecting stop of Portland due to weather. He was at his destination today. I must tell you that the temp there right now appears to be about 57 degrees and the winds at 6 mph. A little envy going on over here right now.

Not anything close to balmy over here. I actually checked the earthquake center today to see if we had a whopper because the house was shaking. Not. Just the wind. Now, as I write, the temp is at 23F with a windchill of 3F and winds gusting to 54mph. I'm telling you. It is almost enough. See how bad it is? I'm now taking pictures of trees of all things. For years Becky and I would have a Christmas Day telephone visit about ideas for next year's Christmas card. Not kidding. We really did. Now I'm shopping for next years tree instead. The one the red arrow is pointing at is it. I have no clue how tall that thing is. Stands gads higher than my house does, maybe it is close to hitting 4 stories tall. I want the top of it. The problem is this wind. It just seems determined to knock that bugger right over. I've never seen it list quite as badly as it did today. Keep your fingers crossed. I want that thing in my living room next year. Not the whole thing. Just the top 15 feet or so. 

And that is about all this nut case has been up to. I did sort through a year's worth of reciepts today. I cleaned out the paper pile. I did swish 2 loads of laundry, picked up my dear daughter from the bus and made dinner. Other than that ... I've been worthless.

Rather than be totally worthless, I grabbed the camera for a bit.  Kim has a contest going on about your favorite white. (Click on the link to check it out.) 
I really don't have one favorite white. I love them all.
I have a wee bit of white around me.
In fact, it might almost be considered a problem by some.
I agree with you, Kim, white IS a color.  
Upper Left: White sunlight seen through frosty white trees. Upper middle: An antique store find that sets off my silver creamer and sugar. R Middle: White coffee cups are a must. R Lower: A plate with a ring of hearts given to me by Frans & Jenny, topped with another white bowl. Far right: White china all ringed with silver.
Bottom left corner grouping. Top Left: 3 sets of white creamers and sugars all of different types of white glass. Top Right: White vases of red berries. Bottom Left: One of many white treasures from Aunt Martta. Bottom Right: White roses

If you haven't drained the entire pot of coffee by this point ... great job!
I am going to find me a blanket, a cup of cocoa (too late for coffee) and a book. Have a great Thursday!

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