Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'll call it a day.

  • 9 hours of work done and dinner made (second evening in a row!)
  • chickens fed, watered and non frozen eggs picked (Had to throw away 6 eggs the other day that were all frozen.)
  • lasagne for dinner tomorrow night is in the refrigerator
  • basket of fire starters filled
  • nap taken
  • check book caught up
  • car plugged in for the nite
Missed walking a mile tonite and it is now rather late to be getting blood pumping.
Kids go back to school tomorrow morning after another 4 day weekend. That means that I must must must must hear the alarm in the morning. My brain is wired in a wierd sort of way. It knows when it can sleep in (that means until 7 a.m. if you're thinking I've really got it good over here) and it is pretty good about knowing when it can't. This morning it could ... and did. Tomorrow it can't. Period.

Have a great Wednesday! Our forecast is calling for either flurries or light snow throughout the rest of the week with highs of low 30's by the weekend. It is going to be just grand!


Mom says said...

Mom says: At 10:30 on Wed. morning
we have 4° with a bright sunshine.
Drove to Duluth yesterday for our
annual physicals and driving was good.

Anonymous said...

hhmmmmm i think I'd better come home... missing all of you..and the cool weather... hot here