Thursday, November 18, 2010

The world is calm ... and chilly

The winds have stopped.
Thank goodness.
We discharge all patients from our department by wheelchair to their vehicle.
It was a bit chilly and blustery for a few days there.
Now, it'll be just downright refreshing at 10F this morning ... with no wind.

Fire starters dipped in wax are wonderful things. They burn nicely and keep on burning for quite a while. Perhaps it helps that I hauled in nice dry wood the other day, whatever the cause .. I'm thankful. We also need a larger wood stove. We have several heat sources. The fire burning is not a necessity, unless I really want to protect the electric bill. It sure feels cozy ....

enough to cuddle up with a blanket and a book or two while the blaze roars.
Our library here always has a shelf of books for sale. They must be overstocked books, but I appreciate them there. I'm not a book buyer. I utilize the library on a regular basis, but am thrilled when I find a few good books on the "garage sale" table. My nose has been buried in books this week ... anytime it can be.

We still have sick kids and I'm ready to scream.
Tia and Brock would love to scream as well ... they can't.
The PA on Monday was quite certain they didn't have strep and didn't want to swab them. Aargh.
Last night we started antibiotics in this house.
I have tried everything else I could possibly think of in our cupboards, everything in our Young Living oils, nothing is working.
Time for the big guns.
Let's hope by tonite they are feeling better.
One day of school this week would be a good thing.

Jari is up in the land of cold weather and sometimes frightening weather conditions.
Talked to him last night and after yesterday he has a whole new respect for
winter snow conditions.
Conditions where snow drifts are 4 feet deep.
A place where a convoy of vehicles must travel together.
A winter where regular trucks are attached in a line by tow strap to the semi in front of them or they'll not make it to their camp.
Where the wind chill yesterday was -21.

This would be my Friday today.
Looking forward to a 4 day weekend.
Followed very soon by another 4 day weekend.
But first this "Friday". I'll need my ibuprofen, my running shoes, lots of java.

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