Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A full life is a good thing ... right?

It's a bit too full to join Jenny in her P.A.D. project, although I'd dearly love to.

I still have a few minutes here and there to snatch up a quick recipe from Jessica and try it out. The cake is really delicious ... I had a massive post sugar intake headache the rest of the weekend to attest. The kids have devoured the cookies ... I tried those as well.

Today was another one of those wonderful Days Off. It went something like this:
  •  Up at 6:15 a.m. and make sure Child #2 makes it to work. Day #2 of working days and it can be a bit challening making the adjustment. Off she went
  • Shag Child #4 out of bed .. at least 3 times while I hung out on the internet and checked election results in between shags.
  • 6:50 Start the car and jump in the shower. (I did come into the house first before the shower jump.)
  • 7:10 Drive #4 to school with wet head because blow dryer has moved to main bathroom and someone else is in the shower in there.
  • 7:35 Jump in car to drive to dentist appointment. Car has been left running because gas gauge is at point where if I turn it off it probably won't start again. Quick stop for a few gallons of gas and off to the dentist. (A new one ... and I highly recommend the office if you're interested.)
  • 10:00 Home again. Quick banana for "brunch". Pack a few boxes so Jari can print mailing labels while I'm gone.
  • 10:30 Off with Child #5 for a school interview with the principal at a new school. Accepted!! Fill out paperwork and find that she can't be admitted until we drop from the present online school. Stop there and find we can't be dropped until we deliver the laptop back to the office.
  • 1:20 Home from the school running. Laptop packed back into box.
  • 1:45 Off to Palmer to the post office and the bank.
  • 2:00 Pick up Child #4 from school on the way home. Fill out new office forms for dentist. Child #1 needs my vehicle. Start the truck and warm it up a bit.
  • 2:35 Off to the dentist with #4, #5, hubby and myself. Get there a few minutes early. The office is most gracious and will allow me to leave the girls there while I run an errand. Get that laptop dropped off and go back to the dentist. Jari sits in the truck and does phone business for several hours.
  • 5:00 Finally done at the dentist! I really, really, really appreciate an office that doesn't give me a list about as long as my childhood Christmas wish list of teeth fixin' to be done. Schedule next appointment. Only several cavities to fill and sealants needed. Yippeee!!!
  • Run to Home Depot and pick up flooring. Figure it is easier to wait on trim and a closet door than to wait on flooring. Would like that in before we move Child #3 into his new digs. (He really deserves it. Big. Time. He has been so patient and gracious about his sleeping quarters.)
  • Stop at Fred Meyer. Child #4 has no shoes other than flip flops, more flip flops and even more flip flops. Then there are 1 pair of gym shoes and 1 pair of work shoes. Time for boots. Found some Bear Paw boots on clearance. Ka Ching!!
  • 6:05 Home to make dinner. Good thing Fred was in the mood to make dinner on Tuesday evening (fresh halibut and cod from Kodiak) so my easy dinner for Tuesday was lying in wait for Wednesday. Perfect!
  • 6:55 Load of laundry is in the washing machine. #5 is going to catch the bus at 6:24 in the morning and needs to be driven to her bus stop by her lucky mom. Clean clothes before 11pm are going to need to be a way of life. Off to Bible Class. Driving the truck with cruddy tires on icey road because #1 has my ride at school.
  • 8:20 Home again. Jari is busy putting in flooring downstairs. Looks awesome. We are putting in the same stuff we had in Arizona ... just a knotty look instead of cherry. Will have kiddo in there by the weekend! Laundry into dryer. Dishes are done ... thanks to #3.
I have decided that I might need more than just one day off during the week ... especially because we have dentist appointments next Thursday as well.

Oh goodness. My computer sounds like it's reving for take off. Nearly all of my pictures have made it to cd's though ... saves me some highly nervous moments.


mrs. skoog said...

whew. I'm exhausted after reading that. I think I need to go lie down for a bit!

Anonymous said...

and I thought my days were busy!!!

Joyce said...

Sounds busy? YES!! If I would have had that kind of day, I sure wouldn't remember what time things happened ... you have a great memory! I just might have to take a nap too after reading that ;-)