Friday, November 5, 2010

Projects are so much fun!

It has been received ... so now I can share.
Becky (my next younger sibling) and her husband, Wayne, celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary on August 24th.
Seems like only a blink or two ago that I was standing in that full church ...
witnessing them repeat their vows.
In the search for a gift that would be fun and meaningful,
I came up with this one.
First the card.
Using colors that reminded me of the day with plenty of silver thrown in.

I was the lucky recipient of Mom's china when they moved to a retirement community a few years back. I love that china. It just reminds me of so many special days in my life. Along with the set of china came dessert dishes rimmed in ... what else but silver?
We tend to be a bit sentimental so I passed it along.

I started attaching tags.
Some computer printed and covered with vellum ...
all attached with silver ribbons.

A family heirloom that I know will be used at her table.
As my Anna says ... "Becky always likes to do dessert in nice dishes".

A small reminder of the day with stitching around the edge.

Photos from their engagement days, wedding shower and the wedding.

I still haven't managed to connect with her on the telephone.
A few texts back and forth between my days at work and her days at work.
Maybe sometime before the next anniversary day rolls around we'll have time
for a chat on the phone.

It sure was fun!


mrs. skoog said...

You are a beautiful sister!

Jenny said...

who always thinks up the best gifts!

mom said...

Brings back memories of our own
wedding. Signed up for those
goblets and sherbets at the Treasure Shop in Cloquet as they
matched my dishes; a wide ring and
a narrow ring. Wonder where my family gets their creativity?

Joni said...

Wow! What a great idea, and a beautiful, thoughtful gift!!