Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving ... with so much to be thankful for.

It has been a crazy past 3 days. Crazy, I tell you.
Thanksgiving, though, was nicely quiet.
Not quiet in the way of not busy.
We spent most of our day with just our immediate household.
Plenty of food ....

enough to feed the hungry young men who live here ...   

and love stuffing ... along with the mother who loves her white dishes.

Turkey that still isn't all gone 2 days later. 

China and linen ... aahh. My favorites. Complete with the dying art of starch.

A fresh coat of new snow dusting the earth and making our world so beautiful. 

So much heat going on in the kitchen that the window next to the front door
even had the nerve to fog up!
Haven't had that happen since Brock took a shower as a much younger kid
and the kitchen window would fog the moment he opened the bathroom door! 

Wonderful naps to settle turkey. Some longer than others.
Mine was especially long.  

Alyx worked on Thanksgiving. We waited until she got here shortly before 4pm to
try and get a family photo.
It is now dark by 4:30 pm and getting photos proved to be a bit difficult.
We did it.
I'm not thrilled, but they will have to do.
No acceptable "family" photo because I didn't want flash used.
Maybe on Christmas?
Regardless, these three are some of my precious ones I'm so thankful for.

Then on to an evening of company and visiting.
An evening of reading the newspaper ads and deciding where we were going
to shop bright and early on Friday morning.
One thing was for certain.

Now it is Saturday evening. We're just home from an evening of out for pizza and then fireworks in Palmer. A bit chilly, but not bad at 22 degrees. The fireworks were spectacular, followed by some nice hot chocolate and visiting at Kevin & Renae's.
 I am thankful that tomorrow is Sunday and I don't have to do anything.
I need a day of rest.

I think I also need a piece of pie.
Catch you later!

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