Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Out with the old ...

and usher in the new.

The rush of fishing season is over. Now any fishing done around around here is done after a spot of travel to another place. The chair has moved outside. I really do want to change this into something new. It has major structural issues that I need help with tho'. Maybe on one of my long weekends I can take a whack at it. In the meantime ... we'll pretend it is summer, that there are no mosquitos, that I'm sitting on the unscreened cabin porch ... and sipping my coffee with a good book.

Out with the leftover lumber. The second window in the photo is the new bedroom. I never did get any photos up here ... will have to try again at some time. The old is out and the child is in his new digs. Still need to finish a bit of trim, add closet stuff and a closet door. He loves his new space so much that he's thrilled to make his bed in the morning.

Out with the lawn mowing and in with ... what??!!! They should really be snow machine tracks. Car tracks? (You certainly can't tell that I have a teenage son can you?)

Out with the summertime activity of lazy days of trampoline jumping. Last year we leaned it against a tree. Bad idea. The legs are bent at most intersting angles now. It still works ... it just seems a bit scary sometimes. Along with the trampoline out ... the lawn mowing goes as well.

Unless you take a real close look. This is just wrong. Don't you think that the green of grass should be an out with the old before the in with the new of snow appears?!

Not in our world.

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