Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday ... the real start of the weekend.

The marathon at work yesterday turned into quite a delightful day.
Much better than any of us had anticipated ...
thanks to all the wonderful folks I work with. (ibuprofen grin inserted)

Came home last night and finished my current book. Yippee! That's an entire book this week. My goal is to still digest another one before Tuesday morning.

While I'm reading by the warmth of roaring fire blazes, my hubby is sending me pictures that look like this. This would be Class 3 weather on the North Slope. I can't imagine what a Class 4 looks like. There are vehicles in that picture. Really, there are.
Maybe ... maybe ... maybe ... he'll be home early tomorrow nite.

Last night I set out berries to thaw. I had made some raspberry freezer jam with fresh berries when I picked them, but had frozen most of everything for later when I had a day to play. Today was going to be the day. Out of the freezer and out on the counter to thaw overnite. 

Online to find recipes. I do love cooks[dot]com. Google seems to direct me there most frequently when I'm searching for the things I search for. Recipes printed and ready for early morning work with rosehips, currants and raspberries.

After a 5:15 a.m. wake up, a drop off at the bus for Tia (who finally got to go to school today!) and an "I still don't feel good" from Anna (who promptly went back to sleep), I started in on the stewing, juicing and hot water bathing of jellies.

This would be called progress. Horrifying progress, but progress nonetheless. I really do love my dishwasher. (And if you don't know what those bottles are on the window sill ... I equally love my Young Living Essential Oils.)

Steaming and sugary syrup heading for jars.

I did take a minute to admire the sunshine. I kept stoking the wood stove until I realized that I had the kitchen window open and stoking the stove was rather pointless. The sun was shining on my walls inside. It has obviously been cloudy on the weekends, or I've been very unobservant because today I just enjoyed it. Soon, it will be gone from these walls and then we'll wait for it to reappear. My dear hubby will send me a text picture the day it hits the wall and I'm at work. He's so awesome.

Prior to my last batch of jelly, I finally said ....

and took a nap. A good one. I always set the alarm on my phone for 30 minutes. That is it. Then up and at 'em. Today I woke enough to reset it for another 30 minutes ... and then hit snooze at least once. I must have needed it.

I did get up in time to get Tia from the bus. If you've been to visit here, the bus drops her off on Palmer Wasilla Highway. She walks from there. Not bad at all on a day like today. Even though the temp was hovering in the mid teens, the sun was shining and the wind wasn't howling. The roads are clear and not iced over like a hocky rink. Those days are going to be nasty and let's hope dad is home to meet the bus. Today ... I was here ... and lucky enough to do it myself. I really should have walked up there, but I didn't.

The jelly making day is done.
26 half pint jars are sealed, labeled and tucked away.
Well ... all but 4 of them. They look like they will be ice cream topping.
A bit on the runny side. Trying to decide if I should try again. Do I get another box of pectin and redo the canning ... or use it on ice cream?

I got a request from Alyx last night for a Christmas gift. I like the request.
It'll take a little bit of work, but it will be fun to do.
That's next on the list.

She moved out last night. The original plan was to move out on Saturday after work. Instead she moved everything last night. She really needs to start a moving company. She's downright efficient!
She didn't go far. Several miles down the road.
Close enough to pop in and do laundry.
Close enough to snag some ramen noodles if she needs to.
Close enough to just come hang out.
Far enough to be on her own and start the next phase of her life.
She's ready. She'll do just fine ...
and she'll love it.

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Keilah said...

Sounds like you enjoyed your day.
So when I'm ready to start canning, you're the one to call! lol. Those fresh berries sound delicious.