Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sometimes I wonder if I'm being humored.

I learned about fire starters using dryer lint. So, of course, I had to try. I didn't do it quite like the instructions I just found on the internet. If you click on the word instructions, you'll find a slightly different variation. One that would be great for camping. The way I made them the first time around wasn't waterproof.

Gather dryer lint. That stuff never ends ...

then you grab the egg cartons. Unless you have some egg producing chickens, those don't ever end either! Stuff the egg carton full of lint. 

The next step I did differently. I didn't have parafin wax but had plenty of old candles that could be used. I melted the wax and then poured it over the egg cartons filled with lint. Let them sit until the wax had hardened and then cut them apart. I filled mine without dipping them into the melted wax. I didn't need them to stay dry while camping. I needed them to start the fire in the living room ... where we hope it is stays dry!

I thought I had a picture of a finished one for you. They weren't nearly as pretty as the ones I just found online ... but they worked very well.

Unless the troops are humoring me.
The basket is empty next to the wood stove.
The trash downstairs next to the dryer is full of lint.
I'm going to start storing empty egg cartons in the laundry room.
An in sight in mind kind of thing.

Fun project for kids to do with you in preparation for camping,
or even if you spend your life keeping warm with a roaring fire.


Joni said...

Would also be good for sauna stove starters, hey?!! Now I have great intentions to give this a try ... let's see if I get it done! I'd have lots of wonderful helpers ready to give a hand, I'm sure!

Anita said...

Great idea! Hadn't thought of the sauna. I actually use dryer lint just to start the trash burn barrel outside as well. There isn't any time wasted waiting for a piece of paper to light. It starts immediately with the lint. Let me know how it goes!