Thursday, May 20, 2010

Today is it!

The Last Day of School for the year.

This afternoon I will have another senior and the last child will be promoted to her final year of Middle School.

Which means .... this summer they are going to study. How's that?
A while ago I purchased WordSmart software to prepare for SAT exams ... and it has never been loaded. I am going to figure it out and assign it.
Mom use to assign "required reading" and we all grew from it. Nineteen Steps Up the Mountain was read by all of us. Maybe I'll add some required reading to the list as well.
Then the job list. I really have to get that done. I am sooooo bad at that.

PALs class is done. I'm good for another 2 years. I cannot, simply cannot, stand command performances in front of people. My mind becomes a blank slate and I don't remember squat. Present something that I understand to 200 people. No problem. Be asked questions in front of a group and have to remember something that I have "memorized" because, hopefully, I never use it ... BIG problem.
Cardiac rhythm?
Oh, that's what that is!
I really need to go work cardiac for a while. Maybe I'd finally get past my phobia of it. I simply don't like it ... all because I don't understand it.
Enough of that.
I came home and destressed in the greenhouse for a while.

Lots of destressing coming up on Saturday. I am moving dirt. And my beautiful cherubs ... they are going to assist me. They don't know it yet ... let's not tell them quite yet.

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