Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Memory Lane

I was given the opportunity to leave work about an hour early yesterday.
We run through life at dangerous speeds, trying to cram all kinds of things into it.
Schedules for this, dates for the other.
It is amazing what an hour will do for you.

This is what is happening in my greenhouse at the moment. We put up some climbing screen last night for cucumbers. That is all I've done in there. These are popping up from last year. No water. No attention. Would have thought the tomatoes could do the same thing!

We started throwing some dirt around in the yard. Moving it from where Jari has been digging to my planter "boxes". Still don't know what I'm planting in them, but will start with green beans. We have wonderful soil here. Pays to live "in the ditch". My dirt moving included worm relocation. :) Can you just picture this? My taste buds are just going crazy here. Grilled zucchini? Mmmmm ... can't wait!

After dinner, I started working on a project for Jenny. Am looking through old video tape. My labeling leaves much to be desired ... and we have miles of video. I really mean miles. I was going to snap a picture of the action in the dining room last night and then lost my motivation before I could find the camera. Last night we visited 1994 and 1995. We saw Brock roll from tummy to back, empty cupboards, jump on the swing that held Anna. We watched Anna's baptism, saw that she really DID enjoy her mobile above her crib. We watched the VIPs being air shuttled to the Super Bowl. (The kids liked that?!?) We even went to Sea World last night! We were quite a jet setting crew around here. More to come. Maybe I'll even find the video I'm looking for!

Light out when I go to sleep at 11:00. Really light. Enough that I can see and not trip over things in my room ... even with the blinds closed!


Anonymous said...

fun to have a night like that with old videos! See, my little project is creating nice family time for you all! :) Hope you find some good stuff!

Joni said...

Oh, it'd be fun to watch some of our videos from when our older kids were small, even!! I realize you're a tad more north than we are, because at 10:30 last night it was still quite light out, but by 11:00 it's pretty dark.