Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sunny Monday

Why is it that the weekend is chilly and cloudy ... and come Monday the sun just pops out of it's hiding and the temp heats right up? The kids were off of school yesterday and took advantage of the sun. Sun tans coming right up!

I came home and we finished getting dinner ready. Jari is getting mighty handy with the crockpot. It was filled with ribs yesterday ... with the best bbq sauce I've ever had. Sorry I can't share the recipe ... the bbq donor won't share his mother's secret recipe. He just gives us a gallon here and there. Added some of this

to the dinner plate. Makes me really yearn for corn from Young's Farm or from Minnesota. This stuff may look like corn ... spits like corn ... just doesn't taste the same .. at all.

Off to the washing machine to switch loads and then outside to capture a few minutes of glowing sunshine. The "few minutes" are turning into longer and longer days. Was still light out at 11pm last night when I went to bed. The trees sure like the warmth. Another couple days of this and we'll be in full bloom!

Being as the porch was readying 73 degrees ... I grabbed my sanding blocks and sand paper and tried to finish up a project. To do it right I should probably go get a dab of wood putty and another sanding block. Then start shopping for a finish for this couch. Instead, for the time being, I wiped away the sanding dust, hauled up the cushion and threw the same blanket on again. It'll work for now. Maybe in the next couple of weeks I can get the rest of it done. This couch has been my nearly bestest ever garage sale find. Thanks to Alyx. I wouldn't have hauled it home! It is the most heavenly place to nap in the summer time. Out on the porch, surrounded by growing greens.

I've been trying to be good in the last several weeks. Keeping track of how much chocolate is going down the gullet, eating off a salad plate instead of a dinner plate at dinner (when I remember) and trying to walk. Post 40 age and the love of chocolate was driving the scale to very undesirable destinations. I've been doing pretty good and walking the mile with Leslie in the basement. Last night I tied on the tennies and headed up the road. 1.8 miles to the end and home again. Chalk that one up! I've given myself until May 22nd to step on that blasted scale. (I really regret ever buying one, but the airline charge so blasted much if your bag is overweight that we needed one!)

Strawberries were a steal this weekend ... how better to reward a nice walk than with this?!

Senior finals this week. Eeeck!!! Already?!!


Jessica said...

fun to see your pics! I have to get better about taking pictures of the things around me and not just my kids..LOL! sounds like you really enjoy it up there!

Heather said...

How do I find the motivation to get out and walk?