Saturday, May 29, 2010

Have you ever ....

had weeks of "down" days.
Days, that seem to turn into weeks, where you feel like you're looking down the tunnel to a life that just doesn't seem to change?
Don't get me wrong. I know that I am incredibly fortunate and blessed.
The challenges along the way are sometimes a wee bit stressing.
Sadly ... I know that mine aren't big challenges.
Others are facing those.
Stress is debilitating and I just need to figure out how to get rid of some of it.

Jari was working out of town for a week. I am, oh, so thankful for the work. I just like to have my cake and eat it too! I want him home. Thursday night he surprised us and came home a day early ... bringing some prizes with him. By the way ... he likes to do that frequently. The surprise thing. The last stint gone, he texted me a day earlier than his anticipated arrival home date and said "Just Landed". This time he brought home starfish from Homer.

They're presently drying outside ... Oreo was quite entertained. :)

Yesterday I was tired when I came home. Beyond exhausted. Tired. Brock picked me up and I told him I was taking a 30 minute nap before I started dinner. He has been taking a guitar class in summer school and wanted me to come see what he had learned ... before I took a nap. He showed me. After I spent some time "ooohing" and "aaahing" over this new thing I found in my kitchen.

Yes. It. Is.
A new gas range.
And it is actually in my kitchen.
Put there by my sons.
Yes .... my boys must like my baking and my cooking ... and one works at Lowe's and gets tremendous deals. :)
Don't ask me how many times I caught it in my peripheral vision last evening ... and had to stop and gaze. I really couldn't give you an answer to that one.
I still can't quite believe that we own this thing!
It has been at this address since Monday sometime ... hiding and waiting for installation.
It has not been on my shopping list.
The old one had been on the prayer list.
Praying that it would last a wee bit longer ... I seriously think it was as old as this house is.

I have these little moments where I realize things and spout them out. "Oh. My. Gosh. I don't have to turn the muffin tins anymore!" "I bet I don't have to bake them on the top rack anymore!"
Then I have to stand and gaze again.
I really can't wait to get home and start baking. Strawberry rhubarb pie for the boys Monday evening. What do you think? Once a week all summer long? At least?

We're off to Valdez this weekend. I've hemmed and hawed.
The Finance Department says we probably shouldn't be going.
The Mental Health Department says to go.
The New Places to See Department says it will be a whole lot of fun to see something new this weekend.
The Gardening Department got all the tomatoes replanted last evening and has the weekend watering under control.
The Laundry Department has only 2 loads left to go this morning because it's been under different management lately.
The Gotta Keep the Hands Busy Department is going to move a cabinet downstairs right now and find a knitting or crocheting kit to take on the road with her, which means that ...
The Blogging Department is going to sign off and finalize a few things before she leaves for new places to photograph over the next few days.

Have a safe Memorial Day weekend. Remember our soldiers and their families who not only risk their lives every day for us, but have all too often sacrificed their lives so that we can enjoy all the freedoms we do today.

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Joni said...

Oh, I love your surprises too! :-) And I agree - we must remember to be thankful for the sacrifices made for the freedoms we enjoy.