Monday, May 10, 2010

A busy weekend

that gave the camera many opportunities to click and clack. Let's see if you're still with me at the end of it all!

Jari texted me Friday and said there was a moose laying in the yard. He thought she was probably in labor and was hoping to see a twin birth. She finally got nervous when he inched too close with the camera and took off. I haven't seen any babies and I don't know where she took off to, but she was beautiful! I watched her, thinking I don't know if I could kill one ... even if the freezer is empty!

Saturday brought an afternoon of heart wrenching sorrow. The sun was high in the sky and the day couldn't have been any brighter when Eric and Katrina laid their baby to rest. Some people may think that bringing cameras to funerals is tacky. I believe that the final part of living is death itself. To attain the peace of Heaven is such a victory. Levi Douglas was carried to his resting place by his uncle Kevin and his oldest brother Danny.

Eric and Katrina's youngest child, Henry.

His sister's dresses with their ribbons flowing.

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust. In Alaska, it is legal to make your own coffin. Every wood fiber of this little coffin holds the hands and heart of Levi's dad.

It was a very bright day and we headed over to Richard and Carol's for lunch afterward. Yard full of children playing and deck chairs full of mom's catching sun while the snow was disappearing off Hatcher Pass.

I came home Saturday and worked my tail off. From one project to the next ... I managed to get quite a few things crossed off my list. :) It was a late one when my head finally hit the pillow. I woke Sunday morning, Mother's Day, to this

20 flower pots covered the counter. All painted with chalk board paint. Several weeks ago I had run in to Lowe's looking for chalkboard paint and pots for a fundraiser. Decided then that they cost too much and moved on to the next idea. The point of the chalkboard paint is that you can write and then erase ... changing contents and not wondering what is in the pot. (Another magazine idea from a while ago.) Blayde had been navigating Lowe's with me that day. I was a bit shocked to see the counter full of pots. Can't wait to get more seeds and fill them all!

Off to Ryan & Ambers to see Naomi Riitta for the first time. Oh, what a little love!! One look and I said "oh, my goodness!" She is so much her daddy's side of the family. No mistaking that. Even I can see it. The hair? No one knows where that came from. Maybe Pandemonium coffee???  My Anna has another little one to hold. :)

We sat outside for a while, catching rays of vitamin D. Another beautiful day. This child may have quite the tan before too long!

Home to chicken on the grill ... Fred was bbqing. Turned the chicken every 9 minutes for about 80 minutes. It was the best grilled chicken I've ever eaten in my life. Along with grilled potatoes and carrots. Yum!

Forgot to bring the camera to church with us and then when I had the thought to call Jari to bring it ... the thought sort off flitted away. Last day of Sunday School and Mother's Day combined. The kids all sang a song up in front of the church and then handed out flowers to each of the moms. My class spent it's time potting them. Individual pansy plants transplanted from a starter pack. Super cute idea, Janice!

So we come to Monday. 4 kids are out the door ... 1 more to go this morning. Off to work with me. A stop at the library on the way home. I desperately need something to listen to ... and then maybe off to the potting shed for a few minutes.

Have a safe, healthy and happy week.
Take a little time just for you!

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Heather said...

Remember that you wouldn't want to shoot the moose even when it attacks the flowers and vegetables :)

Sorry to hear about the loss of the baby... my heart goes out to the family.

Love the chalk idea for pots. Had never heard of that!