Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Barbeques and cucumbers ...

Saturday? That barbeque? It was really awesome. The food was delicious ... and the whole rest of it was great! I didn't do a darn thing. I watched a bit and sat on my behind ... between eating and drinking coffee.

This was taken at 11:37 pm or thereabouts on my way home. This our Alaska. It is still unbelievable to me that I can say that. We go to bed in the light of "day" and wake up in it as well.

My justification for sitting on Saturday evening was ....

that I really did work on Saturday ... all day long. The back could certainly feel it when I was done ... but oh, it felt so good.

Joyce  ... cucumbers will certainly climb. When they seem to be headed in the wrong direction just tie them up the way you want them to go. I've even used zip ties to keep them up on the screen until they figure it out themselves.

Yes ... my cucumbers are in pots. I am trying something new ... constantly. This greenhouse will hit 100 degrees in the not too distant future. Plants dry out so quickly it is unbelievable. I'm hoping that these pots will contain a wee bit of the moisture. If it doesn't work ... you won't see it again next year! We plan to can massive amounts of pickles ... now that I learned to buy "pickling" cucumbers.

Today is already Tuesday. Kids are out of school and I am sleeping later in the morning. Computer time is slashed. So is Blog Time. Anyway, today I came home from work a bit early. (Made me wonder what on earth I'd do with myself if I didn't work full time!) Brock and I started working on the temporary garden. This looks really hokey ... but it has a purpose.

Really, believe me, it does. Tires hold heat. In addition to that ... we (really Jari is) clearing land to the right side of this picture. I aim to expand a garden heading that way ... just not this spring. I'm not digging two gardens by hand with a shovel. No thanks. So tires it is. Potatoes and zucchini coming to a local tire shop near you! Then we dump out the dirt and use it next summer ... worms and all.

I'm pretty stinkin' easy to please.
Most of the time.

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