Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

Especially to the moms who gave birth to Jari and I ... and have put up with us all our lives. We've moved far away from both of you. Me, a long time ago from my mom and several years ago from we moved far away from Mummu as well.

It was from these women, who stayed home and raised us, that we learned so many of the important lessons of life. How to laugh, love, forgive, work hard, appreciate things such as fine china, a good garage sale and our elderly relatives. We took the lessons we learned from both of them and then set off on our own to raise our own family. We have watched both of them go through many of life's struggles and heartaches. We have watched both of them experience many of life's joys. The growing of families, the birth of so many grandchildren and great grandchildren, the blessing to still be able to enjoy life with their beloved husbands of so many years.

I think that maybe it was from them that we got our love of adventure. Our love of exploring and experiencing new things. Pappa and Mummu rafted the Mat-Su River when they were up here visiting for Amber & Ryan's wedding. Jari and I didn't go that day. The rafts were rather full ... and I wanted them to be able to enjoy their chance. He picked this boquet of wildflowers for her out there on the river's edge.

Adventure must come from both sides of the family. This was Grandma's first tent exprience ... only several years ago. It was about the same year as the river rafting trip. My parents are 10 years younger than Jari's parents and are enjoying their retirement and traveling as much as time will allow. (They're rather busy folks.) This tent had to be traded in for a larger and more comfy one ... that then made it's way to Alaska last summer .. cool weather and all.

We love the fact that we live an age that allows us to communicate with them so easily. Cell phones that ring with text messages at 2:00 a.m. my time with Happy Mother's Day Wishes. I had to giggle when I read that one last night. After answering, the one I got back said something like, "Wow. I thought I'd catch everyone sleeping!" I know that both of you read this blog, so ....

With Heartfelt thanks from both of us for all you have given us,
we wish you both a blessed Mother's Day.
May the rest of your lives be blessed with good health, peace, joy, faith
and the happiness of family (at least some of them!) close by.

We miss you and love you both ... so very much.


Anonymous said...

so sweet! Happy Mothers Day Anita!

Joni said...

Such a nice message! Hope you're enjoying your Mother's Day. I'm guessing your are being treated well!

Anonymous said...

The picture of Pekka and Laina made me smile! I will always remember that day... on the way to the river Laina sitting on Pekka's lap in the car. When he handed her the flowers, the wink he gave, the love in his eyes ever showing clearly! I am fortunate that my siblings have married some wonderful people!

Hope Mother's Day was special for you!

Heather said...

Happy Mother's Day to not only my Mother but also to you, Anita and all the other mother's who read this!!!