Friday, April 17, 2009

A week in a flash

The weeks seem to flash by faster all the time. Why is that?

The pussy willows are out. I'm accumstomed to seeing them on little branches in ditches and the like. I've been watching the spot I saw them last spring ... they aren't sprouted yet. The other day Jari pointed out a tree in our yard. Pussy willow tree?? Sure thing. I hacked off a few limbs and tucked them in a container. They just aren't the same. I'll have to keep an eye on that ditch up the road.

We have an elderly couple living kitty korner across the road. They have a lawn that is mowed into croquet lines in the summertime. And they have a basketball hoop ... with all the fixins. They are very welcoming about kiddos playing in the yard. Tia hopped over yesterday to see if she could shoot some hoops ... and ended up kicking the soccer ball around instead. Oh, to be carefree and this young again. To grab the moment and the pleasure in it. Tia grabbed the soccer ball. Anna grabbed the camera. I grabbed the camera cord and get to blog them. :)

This week Anna has been babysitting Nolan over here in the late afternoon/evening while Amber works. Nolan and Jari have a special relationship. They are buddies. Big time. Jari is having a good taste of a few years back. Nostalgia is good thing, hey? Yesterday they went 4-wheeling and Nolan would still be riding the thing in circles through the night ... if allowed. He wasn't ready to quit.

Another day it was feeding time! Am guessing that Nolan wasn't crazy about the salad. Something makes me think that if it was jelly beans ... he wouldn't have been sharing them. :) He found the extra stash of those in my room.

Check this out. Last nights coffee company. We have 2 laptops. 5 adults. And they are glued to the internet screen. Susan Boyle was the attraction. If you haven't watched her performance on You Tube ... check it out. It will give you chills. Her voice is absolutely phenomenal.

Even Michael enjoyed our visit. Isn't he just the most precious little man? He has the cutest smile ever.
So it is now Friday morning. I. Love. Fridays. I. Really. Do.
My goal for this weekend is to do nothing.
Maybe not nothing.
I don't want to go anywhere.
I want to stay home.
I want to putter.
I wouldn't mind baking some pulla.
Catching up on laundry.
Planting seeds. Yup. I'm planting this weekend. Green beans, peas and zucchini for starters.
Anything that keeps me from leaving the yard.
I already messed that up. It is a good mess up though. I'll have to leave the yard. At least once on Saturday.
But only because I'm going for a massage.
I think that's a good enough reason to leave. (grin)


Anonymous said...

You captured some wonderful pictures! I am so glad that Nolan has enjoying his time over there. Wish I could be playing along with everyone. Amber

pam said...

Susan Boyle's voice is just amazing! I have watched that clip many times and get goosebumps every time without fail....I have to laugh at the 2 laptops:L It's perfect!