Saturday, April 25, 2009

... and this week ....

What a week.

Tuesday night I finally slept better after my dear hubby got a virtual clean bill of health. Well .. maybe that is stretching it. Labs, doctors visits and several CT scans later .. I can quit worrying. I do that so very well ... the worrying part. :)

Thursday evening I got news that my brother, Charlie, had a dirt biking accident. The inital news was rather frightening. 24 hours later he had made a miraculous recovery. He'll be hurting for a while with broken ribs and bruises. After a direct head hit airborne at 40 mph ... it's a miracle he's here. Was good to hear his voice last evening. Thanks to Becky for the updates along the way and to Dave for calling this morning with some more of the actual details. All is well that ends well .. maybe he'll get to go home tomorrow.

Last evening we did a little of this. Blayde won a game, as did I. We don't play this game nearly enough anymore. We have enough missing pieces that I think I'm going to run a "Wanted" ad on Craigs List. Never know. Someone may have one sitting in the closet unused. It would get used over here!

The greenhouse is coming along. We're adding a planter box along one wall and the end opposite the door. Need the edging on that and then they'll be ready to fill with dirt. I had Tia move the handy digital thermometer out there this afternoon. Haven't dared put plants out there yet. No heat source .. only the wonderful sun. The screened porch says it is 48ish outside. The greenhouse said 60ish. Hmmmm. Want to see how low it get tonite. Maybe I'll move it all out there. In the meantime ... my kitchen table is littered with seedlings. I "borrowed" Brock's wood creations for snowboarding and am using them in the mudroom where we have a small window.

Hit Walmart this morning. More flower seeds. Potting soil. Jiffy pots. I moved plants into larger containers and used a bit of dirt! Nothing like gardening gloves and a gardening tool to feel a Saturday is complete. My goal is to continually plant all summer long. I'd love to be able to eat them all summer ... not wait until fall. Maybe this way we can enjoy fresh stuff all summer and then have some to put away from winter. Broccoli, zucchini, cucumbers, beans and peas are all looking good! Wait 'til you see what we're doing with potatoes! I'll share when it happens.

Off to a Fundraiser Service Auction this evening. Promises to be a fun evening.

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