Friday, April 10, 2009

Now that the bills are paid

and I forgot to give Anna some lunch money ... but the bus is already gone ... I have a few minutes to add a few pictures on here.

Doesn't this just drive you crazy?! They were probably $1 gloves from Fred Meyer, but I love these little things! You'd think I was heading out shooting, or something, and needed a free trigger finger!

This is enough to drive a person crazy. I walk downhill all day long in my clogs. Yesterday I blew yet another hole in a sock. Ugh. I wear black socks nearly all the time. Eventually I'll just have to start mixing styles of socks! I'll share when I do. :)

Yesterday evening after the young 'uns left to play in snow and ash (apparently there was a good deal of that up there too), Jari and I (with Tia) went to have coffee at Wally & Lisa's. Anna stayed home. I had a good hint of what was up when she called to ask if we had any of these anywhere.

Then I found these!

Followed by this.

Chocolate chip AND peanut butter cookies. :) She is the girl who actually bakes them. I have 2 kiddos who make cookie dough and then hoard the bowl. The ENTIRE bowl. Now I have 10 minutes to go load the dishwasher ... and head out of here for the day ... with cookies in my lunch. Life is good!

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