Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's one thing

when the kids get tired of you trying to figure out the camera. It's another when it is your dog that finally gives up on you. For anyone who doesn't know him, this is Duke. He is getting old, is overweight and lazy. Unless there is a moose lurking around. Then he can up and boogie with the rest of them. He only allows them to come so close to the house and thinks he can stop them from coming closer. :) He certainly tries. I usually end up shooing him into the house for a while.

"So, ma'am, you didn't like the last pose. How about this one?"

"This is really getting a bit boring."

Althought I like the color in the last one ... this one shows the ultimate giving up. He's in for the long haul and he knows it.

He's a good chap.

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