Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cute observations that make you chuckle.

Jari was out fueling our every burning fire the other night. The moose use to just love this pile and then we burned most of it. The rest of the tree stumps and the stuff under it is slowly disappearing. Spring has also meant some serious yard cleaning attempts. Finding piles of wood that are too rotten to add to the wood pile and burning them. Jari didn't notice the moose behind him as he built the fire. Duke sure did! He took off lickety split after the moose. A little protective of dad's back side. :) When Jari was done doing his thing ... the moose had time to do his. Try and pick through and find something good to munch on.

Then ... along came Oreo. Stalking the moose. Would have been a hoot to catch on a video clip. She had the full crouch going on. The "I'm going to get you" look in her stance.

At some point she must have decided that it was rather pointless and just settled in for a good viewing spot. Far enough away to be safe ... close enough to feel as if she had an eye on the situation.

Goofy cat.


Anonymous said...

what a funny cat!! spent some time looking for bunnies today on craigslist. now that I got the back yard all mowed and cleaned up, I'm ready for one! Or a couple! should I buy a cage too, or just let them run?

Anita said...

Depends on how much rabbit poop you want all over the yard ... especially mixing with bare little toes. A cage may be a good idea. Let the girls take them out to play with and then plunk them back in the cage when they're done. Sounds like fun! Tia keeps finding more ads on Craigs List for more rabbits. I'd prefer productive chickens myself. :)