Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday already!

I'm on call this evening .. so far my luck has been holding out. No on wants Thursday evening call as they have history of being late evenings. Will see what tonite holds. Kind of a mixed bag this call business. Get called in and you're on overtime .. which is certainly nice considering the checkbook balance. My debit card isn't usable yet, so it isn't all bad. :) Not being called in is like getting an extra 5 hours in the day. Hmmm.

I did get to leave work nice and early yesterday. I didn't get as much spring cleaning done as I thought I would. Jari was home from his overnite jaunt to Fairbanks and Talkeetna. Blayde and I did go get some more information on school. Fingers crossed that everything works out and he starts in June.

I did stop at Fred Meyers, got Jari to help out in the "putting things up" department ... and worked on the pantry. Emptied the beaver skull (science project gone uncompleted) out of a box and moved other stuff in. Put up several curtain rods to hold spools of ribbon. I'm not done in there, but if my girls could learn to put things back where they take them from ... it would be awesome!

Got towel hooks up in the bathroom as well. I went for the good deal with a reduced sticker price. My color in the bathroom, as far as metals go, is completely uncoordinated. I may take these new things down and spray paint them a dull black. They are hooks ... and I am thrilled. There will still be towels on the floor ... just like I still have to throw some clothes down the laundry chute as well! Dinner on the days when Mom is motivated to clean ... Finnish pancakes.
This plate looks like a little pancake with a LOT of whipping cream and a smidgeon of strawberry freezer jam!

My goal of getting scrapbook pages done has not been met. Missed the free shipping deadline ... will wait for the next one. Have been focusing on the things that drive me crazy. Towels, ribbons, clean laundry disorganization. Those have been higher on the list.

Time to get to work!

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