Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Good morning and Happy Easter. My entire household is fast asleep. :) Once again, the Easter grass didn't get planted. The egss didn't get colored. I think we have some clothes to wear today. We are having Easter brunch today ... and most of that is in the refrigerator and ready. So I'm half on the ball.

Yesterday Jari & I joined 4 other couples and hit the snowmachine trails again. I was feeling a little guilty for leaving kids who would really like to go as well. We had fun despite the guilt.

Trails of ice and snow as we followed the creek.

Tho' the day was a bit cloudy, windy, and snow flurried for a bit ... the sun did peak out!

The group except for Jari & I ...

who found a whole new appreciation for Eskimo kisses!

Magnificent and beautiful!

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