Sunday, March 20, 2011

You learn something new every day.

Somedays I figure my day is done when I've learned that one thing.
Usually it isn't.

Yesterday Tia was working on a project while I was doing Saturday like things.
The project included a piece of wood and a hand held cordless small power tool.
She found that ....

if you have long hair that is not tied back ....

and you have a handy little Dremel tool with a slightly larger circular apparatus on the end of it than this picture shows ...
and you have the tool set on high ....

if it should come in contact with your hair, it whips it up in no time flat.
I have another blurrier picture that may show it better, but trust me.
Sort of mix between afro and berber carpet.
I thought for sure we were going to chop off a hunk of it, but we didn't.

Once the corded knot was out she headed right back to her project.
This time with a hair tie.
Homework got done .. at least in Tia's department.
Rather than doing it pool side while vacationing, we watched snow angels out the front window while working angles.

Anna is working, working, working. I fear for her homework which is due tomorrow.
As for Saturdays. Why is it that when a working mom has hours on Saturday in which she accomplishes things like shining the sink and scrubbing the foors, she feels that she has accomplished much. Let her get the house vacuumed and dusted and you may as well have given her roses. Laundry done (and laundry room neat and organized) equates to hours on the beach in the Caribbean. That is a stretch, but not my much. Add grocery shopping and library hopping ... and she's ready for nearly anything. Bills paid, mail sorted, book finished. All topped with a strawberry shortcake at the Valley Hotel last night while watching the full moon rise with a mighty handsome hubby.
We were celebrating more new paint.

Yes, we're readying a house for the market.
Promise to share more on that in the next week or two.

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Jenny said...

oh my goodness! Well good thing she didn't get hurt in the process!
Can't wait to see more pictures of the house progress!