Thursday, March 17, 2011

This morning ...

my eyeballs really didn't want to open.
I've had this problem with sleeping in since we got home.
The kids are on spring break and I know that I don't have to be up at the crack of predawn ... so I sleep in. It is getting frustrating. I lose valuable internet time sleeping in.
Last night I told Jari that I really needed help getting up this morning ... early.
He tried. 7:23 a.m. my eyelids flew open.
I work at 8:00.
I made it.
Even if our world was covered with white this morning and the roads slow going.
Dear Hubby climbed out of bed and shoveled off my car right quick.
While I was gone today, he spent some precious time out moving snow.

I absolutely love fresh snow.
I was starting to feel like I needed to get out the pick and chisel.
The dog doodoo around the yard was starting to get to me.
Now I can't see it. Perfect!
What I could see (even if the picture is a bit off) is that no one had made a track to the chicken coop today.
They are seriously loving the warm weather and laying a few more eggs for us. 

While all that white snow is beautiful, I'm guessing it won't be lasting long.
Not if you watch the stuff coming out of the gutters.
Bummer. Might have to get to that dog stuff after all! 

One of my frustrations that I vented about in AZ was the fact that somehow all my scrapbooking digital papers had disappeared off my computer.
I have no clue where they went or how they got there, but I sure couldn't find them.
Someone suggested that the site I downloaded them from originally would have my previous downloads.

Thank you so much!

I might be missing some of the paper, but I got most of it back.
I am dreadfully behind in the scrapbooking department. The morning scrapping hasn't worked out this school year with my jaunts to the bus stops and the school ... and blog hopping.

I usually load my pages with photos and am not one for many doodads, rather for journaling instead. This photo courtesy of my dear SIL Jenny is a serious keeper.

The gusto department was busy for the past hour and a half.
I think I just pitched about 20 pair of shoes and 2 winter jackets.
On a roll!


Joni said...

I don't have doggy-doo to pick up, so have no reason to not wait anxiously for spring to really arrive!

I see I missed something from a few posts back - you guys are thinking about moving back to Az? What are the thoughts/plans? Your path is already paved - just sometimes have to wonder what is around the next turn, hey?! Wishing you well as you figure and plan the move, if it is meant!

Anonymous said...

I guess I missed it too ... but I did hear something about it when we were in AZ this past week. Would also like to hear some of the thoughts and plans. Hope all goes well as you work through everything.
~ Joyce