Saturday, March 12, 2011

After vacation blahs

I need the magic cure to snap me out of it. I am usually quite capable of going with gusto. Right now the gusto has gone up and went somewhere else.

Today. Is. The. Day.
I will get something done.

Maybe the gusto got left at Ronda's poolside ...

at Desert Ridge, Kierland, Paradise Valley Mall or Goodwill. We do have quite the range of places we frequented! I became quite a fan of Thursdays at Goodwill, although I only made it there once on a Thursday.

It may have flown out the window on our drive to Prescott.

Let's hope the windmill didn't get it. Maybe not. The air was still and it wasn't even moving.

It was probably caught in this little straw blowing war. My gusto is probably sitting in midst the gumbo at the Golden Corral in Prescott.

In the meantime, while the gusto is missing, I'll continue to watch coverage of the tragedy in Japan and pray for their people.
I'll keep an eye on the Iditarod, whose start we missed this year.
I'll also keep wishing I could snuggle our newest family members: twins in a NICU in Anchorage (both of who are doing very well) and a newborn little farm girl in northern Minnesota.

Gusto or not ... the dust layer is thick around here.

1 comment:

Mom said...

Anita, I can't find my gusto either. Went to Davin Ylioja and
Alicia Makela wedding in Menahga
yesterday. Will go see the new farm girl on the Range tomorrow.
Should hire someone to come and clean but I'd have to clean before I dare have anyone come to clean!