Sunday, March 13, 2011

One of many treats ...

our Arizona vacation gave us was the chance to visit with both sets of parents/grandparents. Both of them live in Minnesota now and both were visiting
in Arizona. This is one of the bigger bummers of having moved so far away.
Missing spending precious time with our parents.

Had to give Mom a hard time about hauling out her handwork in the church bench.
She was busy showing her latest project to the neighboring gal pals.

The car that has carried them many miles and been quite faithful on their journeys.
After Arizona, they were off to Texas to visit before heading back home.

We also got to spend time with Pappa and Mummu. If you're reading this and don't know what Pappa and Mummu mean ... grandpa and grandma in Finnish. Our children have always called their maternal grandparents by Grandpa and Grandma, their paternal grandparents by Pappa and Mummu. I grew up doing just the opposite.

This is the first winter they have spent in Minnesota in many years. The winter has been a bit on the chilly side and they headed to Arizona to warm up. As luck would have it, the temps dropped in Arizona as well. We're glad they were there and we were able to see them as well!

In the past few weeks I have shared with many people our wish to move back to Arizona. To be honest, I've not made a big secret of that.
If you scroll back up this page, start at the top and scroll back down to this point,
you might be able to appreciate part of what is tugging at my heart strings and calling me home.

* I did find a small part of my gusto yesterday.

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cute pictures of M & P!