Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You know you're happy to be home ...

when you find yourself puttering in the kitchen.
I have an addiction. Okay. Maybe more than one.
This one happens to be one high in calories and is called the Morning Bun from the Northstar Bakery. If you live anywhere near Palmer/Wasilla, it is certainly worth the trip to get one. I've been wanting to try make some myself, so I did. Try, that is.

I started with the Puff Pastry sheets and rolled them out a bit to make them just a wee bit bigger. Then I covered it with butter. No cheating either. You have to use the real thing. (I'm telling you. Those Morning Buns are floating in it!) Next I slathered sugar over the whole thing and then I rolled and cut them. Placed them in a greased pan and baked until the bottoms were golden brown.
And they didn't look or taste anything like the the Morning Bun.
Highly disappointing.
My family did inhale them rather quickly.
That's because I've not introduced them to the real thing. And I don't intend to.

Instead ... I'll feed them things like Stovetop Stuffing Casserole. Full of healthy things like chicken and broccoli.

At least until they get into the other goodies. I had the great fortune to win a raffle basket Saturday evening that is full of butter and sugar.
Katrina does some mighty fine baking ... and we are thoroughly enjoying it over here!

I really am not hungry as I'm posting this late evening. Tia made dinner tonite. It was rather fun. A mix of pasta, potatoes, ground beef, corn, celery, soup ... and although I would have never combined them ... it did taste good!

Will see what she comes up with tomorrow. Maybe I'll help a little and have her work on some chicken enchiladas.

Made it through the first day back to work today. I remembered my locker combination. Why do I always worry that I'll forget that?! Although it feels delicious to be a sloth once in a while, it really feels good to be back up and running again. In new shoes. In new shoes that squeak. That could very well be the reason I found them at Last Chance. At least they look nice.

Day off tomorrow. That almost feels wrong. Jari has the basement looking so tip top that I nearly want to run out and buy a ping pong or pool table! He is in serious need of a hot tub at the moment. I have a feeling that tomorrow will be full of cleaning ... downstairs.

I think I might just need some sugar to make it through the day. (I sort of feel like the author of If You Give a Moose a Muffin right now.) All it took was the word day. Reminded me that I need to tell you that my world was daylight when I went to work this morning ... and the sun was still up when I left. Simply amazing what 2 weeks does for the amount of daylight here.

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