Thursday, March 31, 2011

The last day of spring.

At least for a while.
I pulled up in the drive at nearly 7pm last night to this, minus the blue tarp.
I really should have taken a picture from where I first saw the sight.
I was tossed back in time to looking at Forest Service cabin rentals on the internet and one I've always wanted to stay in. A white one with green trim somewhere in northern Arizona. And for a moment I wondered what on earth we are doing ... fixing up things so someone else can possibly enjoy them. I can see what it will look like when it is done. And I think I love it.
After a full day of work on my feet they felt like a moment's respite. I hopped online for a quick minute. I rarely hit the newspaper websites. I don't know why I did, but thank goodness!
I'm not delusional enough to think that winter is over. It is, after all, only the last day of March today. Yesterday was only the 30th. Just to make sure, though, I hit the Anchorage Daily News as well. And then we got busy.
 The temps here have been deliciously warm lately. The driveway turning to soup and slush. One day this week the thermometer in the car read 50F. It has been in the 40s and we're loving it. 
Rhubarb hasn't started sprouting yet, I checked.
The days are lighter longer. I could see the outline of mountains against the sky last night at 9:30 pm.
We feel it coming. This spring.
Just not quite yet.
While I can sit and drool about this porch lined with rocking chairs, the snow will be here first. That's okay.
I'll charge the camera battery and go for a little drive today.
 After reading that we may have some "white weather" overnight, the tarp came out to cover the siding that still has to go on. (The goal had been to have this job done by now. Goal reset.)
Trash got picked up outside before it got buried again. The dog doodoo is still there. It needs to firm up a bit. Yuck. Dumpster to the point of nearly jump on the lid and down to the end of the drive. And as long as the weather was gorgeous ... off to muck out my car. With the Norwex rags in hand I happily wiped and pitched other people's garbage. I really do like the Norwex. I probably should get a few more someday.
Another favorite of mine is Young Living's Thieves Household Cleaner. Smells so good and does a bang up job. (If you're interested in any one of these products ... let me know!)

I'll head out later today with the camera and drive in a clean car to see what I can see out there in my Ansel Adams world that is going to be stunning. The snow is heavy and hanging on the trees.

In other news: we're praying for our nephew Jacob's safe recovery from a fall he suffered while working. He fell 25 feet and has a fractured skull along with 2 subdural hematomas. I know he is in very talented hands, I've worked with his neurosurgery team. We pray that God would protect Jacob and his family on this journey and accept  that His will be done.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Great progress on the cabin! Lookin' good! I take it you don't have anyone living in it now?
We got some fresh white stuff covering the ground this morning ... but we are really hoping that it won't last long.
Can't wait to see what kind of pictures you take ... always enjoy your photos!!!
~ Joyce

Jenny said...

Who is Jacob? Is he a Wuollet? Just trying to figure out where you have worked with his surgery team... scary! The cabin is looking good! And it is hard to imagine snowy weather when it was pushing 100 today! It was HOT!

Shelley said...

This is kind of out of the blue but I had a question about the Thieves Household Cleaner. I'm in Anchorage and wanted to try it out because of all the good things I've heard but didn't know if there was a local distributor. I'd like to avoid paying $50 to order online if I can avoid it. :-)