Saturday, February 19, 2011

The ticker stopper.

This one is capable of being a mommy ticker stopper.
They all are. It just happens to be this one lately.
He just seems to find things to do that make my heart go thump. Or is thud?
After a stop for Ramen Noodles ....
he's off on the snowboard. I haven't been to Hatcher Pass once this winter. He's been there enough for all of us. In reality, he's working on PE credit by spending time on his snowboard and should have no problem earning it quickly. Maybe not quickly, but he's got to be almost there. 

Yesterday's text message answer to the inquiring mom went like this:

"Resting from boarding in 3 ft of pow[der] and I survived a avalanche mom ..
It was awesome!! It covered the road with 6 feet of snow!"

Voi etta!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That would be a heart stopper ... uff-da! Good thing he's ok.
~ Joyce