Sunday, February 20, 2011

All I can say is Wow!

Friday evening I came home from work to find the wood master at my kitchen table drinking coffee ... with the frame propped up in the dining room.
The photos for this canvas were shot in March of 2009 and it has been waiting to hang on the wall for quite a while. Frans will have to correct me if I'm wrong, but it is actually a compilation of over ten photos taken at Hatcher Pass. I didn't know how to make stretcher bars ... and really don't think I have the tools to make a frame that this piece was worthy of.

On to Friday. These guys learned how to stretch canvas and did a mighty fine job of it.
(Note the frame is signed by the maker.)

After finding some studs and doing the measuring ... up it went.
These wall photos I took on Saturday. The sun was most definately not shining at
9:00 pm Friday evening. Soon. Not yet.
I wish I had a wall that would hold just the piece itself but I don't.
Will do some juggling on this wall, but I do like eclectic jumbles.

The completed piece measures 17" x 56" and has caused me many moments of pause.
Just to gaze at it in wonder.
It is such a combination of love and talent.
My brother Frans did the photography when he was up here on vacation.
My husband took the original wood and crafted it into an entertainment center that has been with us for a very long time. The wood he got from a dear man we have known even longer than that.
The frame made by our friend Russell, whose work we admire and appreciate.
He is so talented.

By the way, it is now Sunday morning.
Saturday included:
 * a successful trip to the outpatient clinic (if you go early enough the waiting room
    isn't full beyond cacpacity)
 * the pantry got a thorough cleaning
 * 65 cds burned rather quickly in the burn barrel, but made quite a stink
 * accidentally started following the recipe for bread instead of pulla and ended up
    making both
 * a back end of Tahoe full of charitable donations got dropped off and we only came
    out of the thrift store with 2 things ... one of which is a puzzle that Tia and I started
    putting together last evening
 * cupcakes made for this evenings coffee at church which I am on committee for (will
    see how this works, but it is President's Day tomorrow!)
 * President's Day and my kids still have school tomorrow .. they were off for MLK
    and Valentine's Day ... go figure
 * the laundry room is an absolute disaster and I will not board a plane on Wednesday
    night unless it is clean (To Do List)
 * I found Tide laundry detergent on clearance at Target
 * I also bought eggs for the first time in what seems like forever ... they certainly
    taste different than ours
 * The sky is light enough before 8 am to not need headlights
 * The temp was up to about 20 yesterday afternoon and a whopping -1 this morning
    with clean looking snow and no wind.

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WOW is right ... looks great!
~ Joyce