Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The end of a 4 day weekend ...

and it felt like I was going around in circles.
Run this one here. Pick up that one there.
In the middle of it maybe sneak off to find some other kinds of circles that are waiting for spring and work to do. They should treasure the break.

Yesterdays accomplishment. 65 cds of photos or worthless discs hit the trash. I ran 2 computers to make sure I wasn't missing something on them. All photos went to the external hard drive, which is organized by year very nicely. Still need to come up with some way to find pictures easily. This morning there are loose cds in the immediate vicinity. Now if I walk down the hall ....

Along the way I found some little treasures.
Don't they just grow up when we're busy living life? 

Evidence that Jari has always been capable of taking a nap in the middle of
everything. This particular one was taken on Thanksgiving. We had quite a giggle about it at the time. 

I must be pining for warm weather and sunshine. I kept being drawn back to the files that held photos from Lake Powell. This trip was done with just adults and no littles. 

Another trip with families. Our family treasures these memories ...

Meanwhile, mother nature has dusted us with a little white powder over nite
and the temp is a balmy 30F. 


Jenny said...

love the picture of jari sleeping! but it looks like maybe he is peeking out of one eye? oh those powell pics look wonderful right about now!

Anonymous said...

once again we dream.... with only gods blessings do those dreams come true....