Saturday, February 12, 2011

I was feeling pretty good ...

that folks' were complaining that it was -25 in Minnesota and here we were basking in weather warm enough to have wet roads. That kind of wet that is not clean, rather leaves so much crud on your windshield that you can barely see to drive. The headlights are so mucky that you're thankful for street lights. In case you want my honest opinion it is just plain ole gross. Jari has high hopes and does things like take the truck through the car wash, only to have it look the same several hours later. I just keep wiping off the mud and wondering what color my rig use to be.

The other day we had a dusting of snow. Yipee! It is balm for my vision. Put together defroster (which sounds like a freight train) and snow and voila! You have a clean windshield! Oh the joys of appreciating the little things in life.

Now it is -9 at 8:00 in the morning. That's what I get for feeling gloaty about the weather .. and I never even posted that thought anywhere! Good day for projects. Dishwasher is running, washing machine is running, Jari is painting our bathroom and I am heading downstairs. I have a good size box down there that is empty. By the time I bring Anna to work at noon ... it will be full. It will be in the car and it will be dropped off at the local thrift store. I have a closet to clean down there today. Maybe I'll find some treasures!

End of the day update:

I never made it to the thrift store, but I did get that closet almost done. Also managed some damage in the laundry room. I did find this treasure while cleaning.
Tia was reading to me, "You know you're over the hill when you enter a store and totally forget what you came in for."
Then she got a shocked look on her face and said, "Hey, I'm not that old! I'm just blonde!"

No Saturday is complete without a run to the post office. Usually it doesn't mean anything spectacular. I pick up a lot of flat rate boxes when I get my mail. They are usually business stuff that really doesn't hold anything fun for me. Today I did a double take at the return address. I stifled the urge to rip it open right there ... and brought it home to find ...

fresh picked, home grown Arizona oranges.
Thank you so much!
They are scrumptious beyond belief.
My taste buds are seriously tingling.

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Anonymous said...

Those oranges sure look yummy!!
~ Joyce